25 things (that perhaps you did not know) of the PlayStation on its 25th anniversary

Happy birthday, PlayStation! The first PlayStation appeared 25 years ago; since then, in different versions, has remained in the rooms of millions of players around the world.

Below, we present 25 things (that perhaps you did not know… or maybe yes) of this popular console, which has innovated in various aspects, and forever changed the way the game is played.

PlayStation changed the industry and raises the level of the player

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1. The first PlayStation made its debut global in Japan on 3 December 1994 and he dispatched 100 thousand units in its first day in that country.

2. It became the first console home to exceed 100 million pieces sold worldwide.

3. This landmark business was achieved nine years after the PlayStation was launched.

4. The industry will assure him of a promising future in the new system of videjojuegos, despite the fact that Sony already had a solid reputation in the electronic products.

5. The catalogue launch for the PlayStation was formed by six titles: Battle Arena Toshinden, Kileak: The Blood, Rapid Reload, Ridge Racer, Street Fighter: The Movie and Wipeout.

6. Currently, in order for a console to reach various markets, after its release, spend a couple of months. The PlayStation went on sale on September 9, 1995 in the united States and on 29 September of the same year in Europe.

7. It was considered a wise decision to integrate the CD-ROM within its structure, despite the fact that other companies were not as successful with this element as a means to run games.

8. The only console able to “take a ride” titles for the PlayStation is the PlayStation 3, which was launched on 11 November 2006 in Japan.

9. The original PlayStation is recognised the merit of marking the start of the era of gaming in 3D on a console home.

10. The PlayStation marked a whole generation with the classic startup sound of the console and the colorful logo that is displayed in the process (designed by the graphic artist japanese Manabu Sakamoto), which has become an icon of fashion.

11. According to Sakamoto, the colors in the graphic which highlights the P and S were chosen to symbolize joy, passion and excellence.

12. The logo of the original PlayStation yes that has had changes over time, but it is striking that Sony has decided to keep its essence up to the date, as you can check on your current supply of hardware for gaming.

13. The control of the original PlayStation (non-analog) marked an entire trend in design, as after his appearance, came other with a finish similar.

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14. The symbols on the buttons of the accessory: triangle, circle, square and cross, have also survived throughout the generations of PlayStation.

15. For 1997, the japanese firm has developed an analog stick for 3D games on the PlayStation: the Dual Analog Controller (with a couple of pads analog), which could be considered to set the tone of the modern control.

16. The title “Gran Turismo”, released in 1997, after five years of development, became the developer of the Dual Analog Controller, which promised a more realistic experience.

17. Metal Gear Solid, developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Japan, was released for the PlayStation in 1998. He was a true best-sellers, in addition to being the first of the franchise Metal Gear in make use of 3D graphics.

18. Another success for the console was Resident Evil, which went on sale in 1996 in Japan and has the merit of opening the door to the genre of survival horror or survival horror.

19. Some of the last titles released for the console are: FIFA Football 2005, Hugo: Black Diamond Fever and Legendary Hits: Dewprism.

20. In September of 2018, Sony introduced the PlayStation Classic, which sought to bring back the original experience of the system in 1994.

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21. Despite the console mini mimed to the original (its controls, and packaging were also similar), the public does not received very well, due to their poor selection of games, mainly. In the list featured Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 , and Wild Arms.

22. The PlayStation Classic was also criticized for not being able to connect to the internet, which is closed the possibility of having new titles or updates.

23. Sony is preparing to launch, by the end of 2020, the successor of the PlayStation 4, the already confirmed PlayStation 5.

24. The controls of the console next generation will have major improvements, mainly in what it has to do with the sense of immersion to the moment of play, however, it is said that they will not lose the essence of their predecessors.

25. As it happened with the PS3 -which runs the games of the original PlayStation-, the backwards compatibility between PS5 and PS4 is assured.

The original PlayStation is officially retired from the market on march 23, 2006, that is to say, he had a tenure of over 10 years in the market.

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