Zoom implements line for you to continue working from home

As part of new business strategy that aims to strengthen the work remote, the Zoom, the company responsible for the implementation of video calling whose success is fired after the pandemic coronavirus, presented a device intended to support the processes linked to the remote work of business professionals or linked to the academic world, but that could also be useful for consumers in general.

This is Zoom for Home: DTEN ME, a collaboration appliance personal all-in-one that will be part of Zoom for Home, the new line of business with which the firm seeks to boost a series of hardware compatible with their applications in order to strengthen the remote work.

The device of 27 inches includes three smart cameras with integrated video, an array of 8 microphones and a touch-screen ultra-responsive, which can also serve as a second monitor.

The product is the result of a collaboration with DTEN, a company that usually makes products for conference rooms. According to detailed company, Zoom for Home it is also compatible with all devices Zoom Rooms, including the hardware solutions of Neat and Poly, which allows users to select the equipment they need to enable spaces of work in your home.

Trabajo remoto en Zoom

Jeff Smith, director of Zoom Rooms, told Endgadget that Zoom for Home is definitely designed to be easy to use, unlike the configurations of business level which often require multiple pieces of hardware, such as cameras, soundbar and independent monitors.

Another difference, according to Smith, is the interface, because the Zoom for Home is highly personalized. In addition, any person with an account of a Zoom -even a free of charge – you can use it without having a subscription or a license of Zoom Meeting.

The device is oriented primarily to the tasks of video conferencing, unlike the screens smart. But that’s not just limited to employment matters, but may also be useful for physical fitness activities or parties virtual, among others.

Zoom for Home: DTEN ME is available for purchase advance in the united States for $599 usd and will be available from August of 2020.

Benefits for users

According to Zoom, the benefits for users are the following:

  • Advanced users Zoom: provides hardware that allows a greater productivity, and experience of professional communication. With intelligent cameras, built for video, array of 8 microphones and a touch-screen ultra-sensitive which can also serve as a second monitor, you can improve the productivity.
  • IT managers: easily manage devices through the management portal Zoom, which allows remote updates simple.
  • Educators remote: educators can use a dedicated device to start instantly with the classes or meetings with HD video, and whiteboard, optimized audio and capacities of co-annotation on a touch screen.

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