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You know the surge protector smart ideal for your home

Most of the time we don’t know what we need until one of our teams is melted by an electric discharge or current overload. The surge protector has become a pillar of the configurations of desktop and entertainment, while protecting the operation of a variety of devices against damage from power surges caused by lightning strikes or other problems.

Teckin smart power strip uno de los mejores protector de sobretensiones inteligentes

If that old surge protector that preserves still works fine, you can continue using it without problems, provided that you have enough jacks for all your devices. But a new version is available and improved, the surge protector intelligent, that it adds features and makes it a lot more than simple strip under the floor.

The intelligent models offer multiple features, but our reviews and investigations helped us to reduce the most useful options for an average configuration. For this reason, we chose the TP-Link Smart Power Strip as the most convenient, but anyway I’ll introduce a cheaper alternative, so be sure to check the full listing.

TP-Link Smart Power Strip

TP-Link Smart Power Strip del cual están conectados una portatil y un celular en una mesa

In practice, the surge protector smart TP-Link offers all the most popular features simultaneously, making it an excellent choice for users that want the most recent alternatives.

With the app, you can control which plugs turn on or off the devices, and monitor how much energy they are using. It also has three USB ports to connect and charge devices, a basic element for surge protectors smart, which makes them more useful for the mobile devices. It even offers support for voice commands, so you can control which device feeds the guard talking with Alexa, Cortana , or the Google Assistant. Supports input of 100-125V.

The only drawback is that it is a little small for computer systems that are larger or configurations of entertainment. But if you only need six outputs, and you love the smart features, it is definitely the best surge protector.

Teckin Smart Power Strip

Teckin Smart Power Strip

The surge protector of Teckin is a smaller device, designed to be located on your desktop and help you to manage the devices daily while protecting them from surges. It has four outputs and four USB ports, which can be controlled individually (individual outputs and USB ports together) and be programmed through the application Teckin. The app is less attractive than the TP-Link, but also provides additional options to more precisely control your devices. Like other models, it also features with support for voice assistant with Alexa and Google Assistant , and works with IFTTT. Is rated for devices between 110V and 240V, with a maximum load of 10A.

Nooie Smart Power Strip

Nooie Smart Power Strip sobre una mesa con tres cables conectados

The protective smart Nooie is designed to adapt to almost any place. Comes ready to be wall mounted on the wall or equipped with four rubber pads that keep it from sliding if you want to place it on a desktop. The application supports calendars and timers, as well as direct control, in addition to support voice with Alexa and Google Assistant. It also has a couple of features for your daily lives that we appreciate, such as remember the settings even after a power outage and a trip mode that turns on and off the devices at random, to deter thieves when you’re away from home. These features make this protective power is particularly suitable for domestic use.

APC Smart-Plug Surge Protector

APC Smart Plug Surge Protector

APC has a unique configuration for your surge protector: five of the six plugs can be connected to your wifi to control the application. The user can independently control two of the four USB ports, while the other two are simply charging ports standard.

All outputs are protected against overvoltages and support up to a maximum of 15A. Its configuration allows you to mix and match the connections in function of intelligent control and what they really don’t want to manage with an application. That makes it useful for configurations with a variety of devices. Account with support for Alexa, but not with the Google Assistant.

Wall charger and night light Powrui

 Cargador de pared y luz nocturna Powrui con siete cables conectados

If you’re going to have a surge protector as part of your system, shouldn’t it be easy to find, no matter where you place it? This surge protector offers six outlets and two USB charging ports and a frame night light that can glow in the dark, in addition to an ambient light sensor to automatically switch on. This makes it much easier to find the plugs, especially the USB ports, if you are playing or working in the dark. The charger supports up to 2.4 a, and an input voltage of 125 V, in addition to intelligent detection of voltage that can respond to the needs of energy. The only detail is that you do not have a cable, so you have to plug it in directly to a power outlet.

Austere VII Series

Austere VII Series

We have surge protectors for a variety of common situations, but we wanted to include an alternative for scenarios that are less common: settings of A/V demanding and professional, where the quality of the connection is important, as well as the protection of the environment. This device with eight outlets and USB ports includes isolation to protect against electromagnetic interference and regulation of constant energy to protect against spikes even smaller due to problems of electricity or other problems. It is one of the few alternatives with USB port-C, as well as USB-A. The outlets are also carefully designed to support plugs larger without problems. Maintains power below 15 To and support up to 4,000 joules. However, the professional quality comes with a high price.

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