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The security issues are an everyday affair in the business world. Increasingly there are hackers malicious that put small and medium-sized enterprises in the look, looking to steal information, to get credentials for accounts that are sensitive or slow down the corporate network to prevent companies to operate. The threats are real and dangerous. Without an antivirus powerful and a decent firewall, your data are at the mercy of whoever wants them.

Antivirus solutions for small businesses are often a first line of defense important, especially when you don’t have the budget for an IT department large. The antivirus does not necessarily protect the small businesses from all threats, but will detect many of the attacks that hackers launch against the companies and blocked before they cause problems.

However, there are many options for small and medium-sized businesses, so choosing the best can be complicated. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of five solutions of antivirus outstanding, will keep your company safe so you can grow.


antivirus para pequenas empresas mcafee 5 768x768

McAfee Endpoint Security is a popular solution for small businesses, and you can try it for free before getting rid of your money, so that is a good start in your quest for protection. Account with all the basics that you can find, including anti-virus protection and a firewall. It also uses machine learning to identify codes that may be trying to cause problems by its mode of action and appear on your network. And if you want to stop zero-day attacks, or malicious software that has not been patched, you can contain it by blocking certain types of behavior commonly found in malware.

McAfee Endpoint Security is an ideal solution for the majority of individuals or companies, from the owner to a company median. Prices vary depending on the amount of licenses you need and how many years of subscription you sign up for.



antivirus para pequenas empresas bitdefender plus 768x768

BitDefender GravityZone Business Security is another that includes a free trial so you can see what you would receive if you decide to make the expenditure. The program is designed to protect you from a variety of threats including malware, phishing, ransomware, and even zero-day attacks. You’ll also have the ability to grant or deny access to sites and applications, to limit the chances of causing problems.

Like other solutions on this list, you will see that this uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to monitorerar your network continuously and to find potential problems. And since a large part of that intelligence comes from the cloud, each time it locates a problem in any part, inform your network general to search for similar problems, resulting in responses faster to new threats. The software of BitDefender is available for a free trial. If you like what you see, you’ll pay $240 dollars a year for up to three devices.



antivirus para pequenas empresas norton 768x768

Norton Security Standard is an ideal choice for anyone looking to protect a single PC, Mac or a mobile device and not necessarily need everything extra that comes with the options of highest range, such as Norton Security Deluxe or Norton Security Premium.

Norton Security Standard does a good job on many fronts. For a start, you can use the software to protect you from a range of threats, including ransomware, viruses, spyware, and malware. And if you are online the software will keep your financial information private and away from the eyes of hackers.

There is a firewall and you have total access to experts in security of Norton, that will explain how to troubleshoot problems that may occur. In fact, Norton is so sure that his service works, that if one of their experts can’t keep your device free of malware, we will return your money.

Norton Security Standard normally costs $80 dollars per device, per year. The first year you can take advantage of an introductory price of $50. This is not a corporate solution, so that may not be the best for small and medium-sized businesses, but it is ideal for the self-employed.



antivirus para pequenas empresas symantec logo 768x768

If you’re a fan of the products of Symantec , but you need something a little more sophisticated than the Norton Security Standard, Endpoint Protection 14, Symantec you might be interested in.

The Symantec software is used in more than 175 million endpoints around the world and faces a variety of threats, including ransomware, malware and even zero-day attacks that threaten to wreak havoc in your machines before someone got a patch.

When someone attempts to steal your credentials by means of phishing, Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 not only stops the attack. In place of that attracts the attacker towards something the company called “minefield lure” where they can reveal their tactics before being arrested. This measure, according to Symantec, provides important information to the company that can be used in the face of future threats.

There is a free trial available. After you can get it for $39 dollars per license per year.



antivirus para pequenas empresas avast 5 768x768

Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus is another ideal solution for small businesses that are moving in the cloud and in a wide range of endpoints to maximize security. In fact, according to Avast, your security intelligence is based on information collected from 400 million endpoints. With these data, the software Avast can be used on Macs, PCs and servers.

The solution of Avast is designed to protect your computer from viruses, of course, but it also protects you with its built-in firewall. There is also a Shield of Behavior, a Shield of Red and a Coat of Mail which protect you against everything from malware to a suspicious e-mail. And if Avast finds a file that looks suspicious, but can not finish to understand what it is, sends him to his Threat Lab to be analyzed.

Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus comes with a free trial period of 30 days. If you like, you can keep it for $40 per device per year.


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