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You can already make calls with Duo speakers smart of Google

Ya puedes hacer llamadas de Duo con las bocinas inteligentes de Google Home

Long in coming, but finally it is a reality: you can already make calls from the Google Duo with speakers from Google Home. Previously, you could only make calls to Duo with devices from Google, which had screens, but now, in addition to working with devices like the Google Nest Hub and the Nest Hub Max in all countries and languages in which they are kept for sale, you can also use speakers smart as Google Home, Home Max and Home Mini. And if you have more than one loudspeaker Google in your home, you can also call speakers specific with Duo, thus creating an incredible system of intercommunication. This is all you need to know to take advantage of this new feature.

How to configure Duo

Before you can begin to make calls, you have to configure your speaker smart so that you can use Duo. First, open the application of Google Home on your phone, search for your speaker and a smart click. Then, click on Settings > More > Calls Duo. Then simply follow the instructions that appear on the screen to install this function.

How to make calls using Duo

To start a call with your horn smart, (a function which for now only works with commands in English) just say “Call (name of contact) on Duo”. To hang up, say “Hang up” or “End the call”. If you want to mute the call at any time, say “Mute call”, or “Unmute call” to get back to it. You can also use voice commands to receive or reject calls. You can say “OK, Google, answer the call”, or “OK, Google, decline the call”, if you don’t want to answer.

The touch commands vary a bit, depending on what horn you’re using. With Google Home, you can reject a call with a long tap on the top, or answer it with a short touch. To Google Home Mini, tap the side of the device to answer and use a long tap to reject.

To call directly to a device to Google within your home, you have to say “OK, Google, call (name of device)”. If you want to be heard through all of the devices that you have, say “OK, Google, tell everyone”, and goes on to say your message.

Not everything is perfect…

As you’ll see, at least for now, the Duo only works in the united States and only in English. In addition, you can only call and receive calls from other users of Duo, and —obviously— without camera you will not be able to make video calls . Also, remember that you can not use Duo to make an emergency call. We hope that the role will extend to other languages, coming first to the Spanish, but in the meantime, maybe you serve to practice a little bit your English.

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