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Yes, believe it: the coronavirus has a toy official

GiantMicrobes is a company from united States, years ago develops toys that have a relationship with germs, diseases and cells. Its intention is to generate conversation and above all learning.

They define their product as: “Humorous, educational, collectible, fun. Include printed cards with fun facts and fascinating. More than 250 organs, cells, microbes, and health products. Unique gifts for students, scientists, teachers, health professionals, and anyone with a sense of humor healthy. Public health agencies, the nonprofit organizations, schools, hospitals, and businesses can customize to promote your brand. The charities allow you to support research in health”.

That said, not surprised then that GiantMicrobes incursionara in the pandemic of the moment for humanity (more on that evil does not happen every year), the coronavirus.

Peluche coronavirus

And the description of the figure of the teddy speaks for itself:

“COVID-19 has arrived and it quickly spread all over the world, along with confusion, rumors and fear. Scientists are investigating therapies and vaccines as nations “become medieval” to quarantine citizens. What should you do when a mysterious microbe comes into play? Start by keep calm and learn the facts.

COVID-19 is respiratory, extending primarily in coughing and sneezing. In comparison with the flu may be more contagious and deadly. The symptoms can include fever, cough, and difficulty breathing. To prevent diseases, avoid contact with sick people, wash your hands and don’t panic”, they argue as the description of the product.

However, what is relevant to the topic is that GiantMicrobes will donate “5% of your purchase to one of these charities that support health workers in need of essential supplies to vulnerable families in need of care and children who lose healthy meals due to the closing of schools: the Response Fund COVID-19 of the United Nations Foundation, Gates foundation Combating Fund COVID-19, No Kid Hungry and the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases.”

The price of the toy of the COVID-19 is $12.95 us dollars (this is the only version of the stuffed animal), because there is a combo that comes with three key rings and costs $ 19.95. You can order at this link.

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