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Yale and Xfinity Home partner to make your home safer

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Good news for those who use Yale Assure Locks smart locks to protect their home. If you have a Yale Zigbee module, you can now control them with Comcast's Xfinity Home automation and security system.

The complete line of Yale Assure Locks includes keyless and keyless smart locks, with touch screens, or input mechanisms with a button code. The parent company, Yale Locks and Hardware, announced that as of this week, customers will be able to connect a maximum of four smart locks to the Xfinity mobile application, through the company's network module. For this, you must buy a Yale Zigbee Network Module, available on your site for $ 50 dollars.

The Xfinity Home system connection provides owners with several additional means to monitor and manage Assure smart locks. From the Xfinity Home website or with the mobile application, available for iOS and Android devices, owners can check the status, and lock or unlock a door from any location, whether they are sitting in their own garden or anywhere of the planet.

In addition, Xfinity Home customers with an X1 voice remote control can now also control the connected Assure smart locks, using voice commands. You just have to say: "Lock the entrance door" from anywhere in the house with the remote control, without the need to log in to an application or website.

Owners can also set up "rules" for Assure Locks with Xfinity Home. For example, you could have a rule that sends a real-time alert to your phone every time a door is opened, or create a rule that limits the time period of use to a specific range of hours.

The Xfinity Home security system includes a 24/7 professional monitoring service, and also has battery and cellular backup, in case of power outages or disconnections. The service costs $ 25 per month.

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