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Xiaomi wireless charger is effective at “several meters”

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi announced the launch of the Mi Air Charge wireless charging technology , which can remotely refuel devices without the need for cables or stands.

The Mi Air Charge uses two mechanisms to recharge a phone that is located anywhere in the same room as the charging base: spatial positioning and power transmission.

The technology uses five-phase jamming antennas to precisely detect and bind to the device, according to TechRadar .

Later, 144 antennas will have the mission of transmitting concentrated millimeter waves directly to the phone, with the aim of charging it.

According to Xiaomi, the Mi Air Charge technology has the ability to refuel multiple devices at a speed of 5 W and at a distance of “several meters”.

The manufacturer assured that the charging speed will not be affected by physical obstacles or by the number of devices that are charged simultaneously.

When will it be available?

Xiaomi remote charging Mi Air Charge will be able to charge multiple devices located at a distance of “several meters” at a speed of 5 W. Xiaomi

Xiaomi did not provide details of when the Mi Air Charge technology will be available or which devices will be compatible with it.

However, the compatible phone may need to be equipped with technology similar to the wireless charger.

That is, it should have an antenna to transmit positioning information with low power consumption and a receiver set of 14 antennas.

In this way, the equipment will be able to convert the mmWave signal emitted by the charger into electrical energy through a technology called "rectifier circuit".

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