With this video game aids to science to kill microbes

The technology we have seen that becomes a great ally of science in many moments, and these days more than ever, this communion becomes more necessary.

That is why it is relevant to what a computer game is doing to help the medicine. This is the popular game in first-person shooter Borderlands 3 that is deploying a mini-game in its ecosystem called Borderlands Science.

What is this?: it is a joint effort between the manufacturer of Borderlands Gearbox and the scientists of the McGill University, the Initiative Microsetta of UC San Diego and the group of Science Massive online Multiplayer game. The idea as they say it is “essentially fool the human players to solve complex problems of alignment genetics that may be intuitive for humans but difficult for computer algorithms”.

“We see This Science as an opportunity to use the huge popularity of Borderlands 3 to promote the social well-being,” said the co-founder of Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford. “Borderlands Science is at the forefront of a new nexus of entertainment and healthcare: an innovative game within the game, complete with scores, progression and rewards, where your game time is actually generating tangible information that will be implemented to improve the research and help cure diseases and contributing to the medical community more broadly.”

The idea is to help to map the millions of microbes that are in the human body and provide an important basis for future studies of microbiomes that can lead to diagnoses of more responsive and personalised treatments.

What makes Borderlands Science is to encode the DNA of every microbe gut-like a chain of bricks of four different shapes and colors. Players connect these forms of colors to help scientists to estimate the similarity between each microbe. Few more puzzles to solve, the players, the more help you decode the microbiome human intestinal, all while earning rewards that can be used in Borderlands 3.

The CEO and co-founder of the Science massively multiplayer online (MMOS), Attila Szantner said, “we are Always looking for new partners in the field of games, and this is perfect for us,” he said. “We created MMOS for connecting scientific research and video games as a gaming experience perfect, and that is exactly what it has become. I think that the players of Borderlands 3 they proceed in the investigation of microbiomes will change our way of thinking about video games”.

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