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Where are they? Products ghost Samsung

Galaxy Note 10 Plus +
Samsung has the strange ability to impress us with products of the highest level, then crashing into walls that the own brand lifts. We’re not going to make firewood of the disaster of the Galaxy Note 7, nor to delve into the wound of the launch in fake of the Galaxy Fold, but beyond the glitter and stars presented in his last event, Samsung spent notably high several products and turns strategic, as if the story were not with them. We will remember the sound of absences that now the manufacturer seems to not want to remember.

Galaxy Fold

Galaxy Fold vs. Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung is played by presenting the transgressor and eye-catching Galaxy Fold, a flip phone with the that the brand seemed to leave behind the rest of their rivals, and several bodies away. This device was tremendously risky and it is seen that the pressure for being one of the first to come out to this new market paid a very high toll that well you will remember. Problems in the device in the first units took Samsung to retire by where had arrived, and replantearlo all.

The question is, here again, is wrong with the communication to implement a manoeuvre of obscurantism that has done nothing but raise suspicions. What a great occasion, had the koreans bring a bit more light on the issue in the Unpacked, but continued as if nothing focusing all their fireworks at the Galaxy Note 10 and without giving more explanations about what happened.

Bixby, are you there?

samsung misterios productos fantasma bixby que es head
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The Korean giant also passed on tiptoe with reference to Bixby, its vanagloriado and expected virtual assistant based on Artificial Intelligence that so many of the expectations deposited. Or an advance, not a progress, in a system that already worked with quite a few difficulties in the terminals on which is available. The issue is that Bixby is still there, since they also accompany the brand-new Galaxy Note 10, but it seems that Samsung has cornered behind a column in the corner of shame.

This successor does not come alone, for together with the virtual assistant it would also be expected a hardware: horn smart Galaxy Home, of which neither know anything nor mentioned in the Unpacked; it is clear that the manufacturer adopts the strategy of the ostrich in those products or services that have not come out as expected…

What has happened with the headphone Jack?

What a feast they gave Samsung on account of the removal of the headphone jack in the latest generations of the iPhone: chanzas, laughter open in their submissions, attempt to ridicule… and suddenly, there comes the Galaxy Note 10 to the market by mimicking this apparently catastrophic movement of Apple. As customers, we do not expect that one brand is perfect, but is at least coherent, and missed an explanation about why, now, since it is not necessary to this connector.

Is it going to be Android to the phones of Samsung?

Android Q

Admittedly, the knock on effect was sensational: the very Satya Nadella giving a boost to the strategy of the asian manufacturer to convert their phones into powerful work tools. DeX continues to be the mainstay of this movement and have the support of Microsoft gives a weight definitive. And it seems a maneuver very clever on the part of Samsung, but it would have left over to have some support on the part of the main pillar of your mobile: Google.

The events that happened around Android with Huawei have done nothing but reveal an overwhelming weakness of the manufacturers, third-party platform: what does security have to be able to continue using it in the future with all its services? It is true that the case Huawei came imposed by the us authorities, but it is no less certain that the platform is outside of the control of Samsung, and would not have left a bit of a consolidation by means of a gesture, of the same.

The two ‘sizes’ of the Note

revision samsung galaxy note 10 plus press image

The next surprise we can not qualify it as a mystery, but have been surprised that the creation of the family Galaxy Note by Samsung; it is without doubt a welcome news because that cements the device in the future. But… why these two measures? Recall that the Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10+ share the same components and structure, except that the second is larger, raising the screen up to 6.8 inches and counting the Note 10 + with a system of cameras higher, as more storage possibilities.

We could speculate on what have been the criteria chosen by Samsung to diversify this range, but we suspect that it is a way of competing more directly with Apple and its growing range of iPhone. The mobile phone market is saturated and manufacturers have to find loopholes to convince buyers of the premium range to re-loosen the portfolio.

In short, the Unpacked left us a bittersweet taste, filling the palate with an excellent Galaxy Note 10, but also with the strange feeling that the brand tends to cover with a blanket what not that comes out as I would have expected; a strategy that full of doubts as to who plans to disburse more than $ 1,000 by a terminal premium.

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