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WhatsApp tests the expected multi-device synchronization

The possibility of using WhatsApp on different devices simultaneously through a single phone number is one of the features most desired by users of this popular messaging application.

The Facebook subsidiary has been working since mid-2020 on a function that will allow this app on multiple phones without having to change the number; in this way it responds to one of the main demands of users.

Although a beta version was available in the Google Play Beta program since July 2020, it was only reserved for users with access to this platform.

However, now the Facebook subsidiary is considering enabling a public preview for this multi- device messaging feature, according to the WABetaInfo portal.

Although it is likely that this preview will not come to fruition, according to WABetaInfo it would initially be available to users of WhatsApp Web or WahtsApp Desktop.

When enabled, users will receive a message indicating whether they agree to join the beta process.

Messages from the multi-device WhatsApp public beta

How does it work

Users with access to the beta version have a menu called Linked Devices. From this place, the user can add a new computer and, in addition, will have information regarding all computers linked to an account, as is the case today with the web and desktop versions.

Multiple sync

The tool would allow the application to be used on up to four devices simultaneously with the same phone number. In this way, it will not be necessary to synchronize messages, photos and videos every time WhatsApp is opened on another computer, since they would all receive the same content.

Multiple sync

As WhatsApp has historically worked on a single device, one of the most complex functions to develop to implement its use on several devices at the same time was multiple synchronization. However, testing finally began in August 2020, according to the WABetaInfo portal.

According to this publication, when the user wants to use WhatsApp on another device, they must make a copy of the chat history. In this case, the application will always require a Wi-Fi connection, because the backup may use part of the data plan.

When WhatsApp backs up the conversation history, then it will be possible to use the account from the rest of the devices. All messages will arrive simultaneously to the paired devices. However, when one of them is removed, the encryption key will be updated.

The feature is still under development, so there is no clarity on when it will be available to all users. Anyway, according to WABetaInfo, it will be compatible with the versions for iOS and Android.

* Updated January 6, 2021 with information from multiple sync tests.

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