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What will be Samsung’s first hide the camera in a mobile?

Samsung could be taking the lead in the race for launching a phone with a camera for selfies hidden within the screen. At least according to the leaker Ice Universe, who posted on his Twitter account: “Samsung is considering starting to use the technology of the camera under the screen on the Galaxy S21, and is evaluating the viability of this technology”.

This would eliminate the need to sully the screen of the phone with a hole for the camera for selfies, offering users a device with a screen cleaner, 100 per cent free of distractions.

The launch of the Galaxy S21 (which also could be called Galaxy S30) is scheduled for next year, so obviously the last word is not yet said. In addition, remember that Samsung is not the only wireless carrier that is in search of to rid their screens of holes: both Oppo as Xiaomi have already publicly presented prototypes of devices with hidden cameras under the screen, although it does not yet have anything of this type at the sale.

Another factor that is important to take into account is the pandemic of COVID-19 and their effects on the technology industry. The new phone Galaxy could be presented at the beginning of 2021 (taking into account the history of presentations of the mark), but at this point nothing is a fact.

In addition to the hidden camera, it has also been discussed that the Galaxy S21 may have curved edges around the entire screen and a primary camera of up to 150 megapixel.

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