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What we will soon see the android Amazon that will follow you as Robotina?

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The projects of the Amazon continue to expand, and one of the most unusual seems to be inspired by the useful Robotina of the Jetsons. Months after that we inform you that the company had been secretly working on a project to bring to household robots to your home, now new reports claim that this is a reality that continues in development.

According to a report in Bloomberg, orn prototype of the robot comes “to the waist” of a person of average size, can be controlled by voice, and is able to move on their own using built-in cameras. However, although a representative of Amazon declined to comment, the publication ensures that the robot is not ready to be released this year as originally planned.

Amazon has already been testing the domestic robot with the code name “Vesta“, and although did not give details on what specific functions you can perform, it is speculated that it could be a kind of Alexa mobile would have the ability to follow its owner around the house, using advanced cameras and software for computer vision, with a technology similar to that of an autonomous vehicle.

The report claims that there is a tentative schedule that includes early versions of robots that would come to the homes of employees of Lab126 to the end of 2019, but a possible immediate release to the general market was now postponed.

The news of the development secret of a robot seem to be more than mere speculation. A quick search on the web site of Lab126 – the division of Amazon that develops the horns Echo, Fire TV, Fire Tablets, and other hardware products, electronic Amazon- shows that are looking for a software engineer of robotics, a manager of software development of robotics, a senior scientist of robotics applied, and a quality control manager of Robotics Software, in addition to ten other positions for specialists in robotics.

What is a domestic robot?

If we talk about possibilities, a domestic robot could function as a central service of calls and messages for members of the family, control the smart home, and to help children with the task. Conveniently connected to the correct links, search techniques and Other Skills, it is easy to imagine a robot that can serve as a wizard mobile, with information step-by-step or in the background, while the members of the family cook, working on budgets or finances, and plan festivals, special dates or holidays.

If we think in more advanced applications, the robots could also have specific purposes, including trained models to make wireless connections and function as a center of information technology, productivity, entertainment and home electronics intelligent home. They would also be able to monitor the power status, to block threats from hackers, and to defragment or optimize storage media. In addition, it could ensure that all devices have updated software and drivers, and important data are backed up in the cloud.

The list of possible utilities that a domestic robot is endless, but we’ll have to wait until Amazon publish official information to know the real plans of the company with respect to Vesta.

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