What to expect of the event Made by Google on October 9, 2018

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October is the month in which the temperatures become more pleasant and the days a little shorter, but for lovers of technology there is a great quote before Halloween and all its trappings: the annual event of hardware Google. This year it will be held on the 9th of October and will be broadcast live from the city of New York. What to expect of the event Made by Google? A lot of things, and all interesting.

While Google I/O tends to show the latest developments of software –like the latest version of Android– the October event has always been a carnival for the latest hardware from the company. In previous years we have seen for the first time the powerful Pixelbook and phones Pixel. This year there has been a myriad of rumors and leaks leading up to the event, so we have been making an idea more or less clear what we see… even when there can always be surprises.


Are you interested in seeing new hardware, will Google in real-time? You’ll be able to see live broadcasts of the event from the 11 to.m. ET (8 a.m. Pacific time) October 9, from the channel of Google on YouTube. We have also people in the field: our Editor-in-Chief John Garcia , and our editor-in-Chief Juliana Jara will be in situ by telling us all that there happen.


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There may be surprises, yes: but what we are practically sure of is that we will get to know the new Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL occupying a stellar moment at the event on 9 October.

And eye, that the first rumors suggested that there would be a third phone Pixel less cost, a little on the line for the iPhone XR, although all seem to be just that: rumors.

According to some leaks, there will be differences that are very significant between the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL. The Pixel 3 will look similar to the Pixel 2, but will have bezels that are thinner, with curved corners and a screen of 5.3 inches with an aspect ratio more long. The Pixel 3 XL would come with a large display of 6.2 inch and a “chin” rather large in the bottom. There will be a screen edge to edge of the XL, the screen type that will not be present in the Pixel 3.

On the inside, that yes, will not be so different. We expect to see both models with the powerful Snapdragon processor 845. Both will also come with a slightly modified version of the Android operating system of Google, which should ensure a better performance and to provide some extra features to be fun. On the other specs, there’s not much agreement, though most of the rumors speak of the Pixel 3 will probably start at 4GB of RAM and a hard disk of 128GB, whereas the Pixel 3 XL will come with at least 6GB of RAM, similar to the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

Google still would not yield to the tendency of the double lens, so that it is likely that the Pixel 3 and 3 XL’s come with a single lens camera on the back. However, both phones also come with two lenses in front, one of which would be a great angle for selfies in a group.

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Google has not released a device home from the debut of Google Home Max last year, so it makes sense that now is the time for the other device Google Home. Since we are betting that this would come with a monitor or screen.

The rumors about this are actually quite rare, but have been filtered versions of a smart device with the Google brand, and it looks pretty good. Called Google Home Hub, the smart screen is made up of what looks like a tablet mounted on a base (support). Developed by the Google Assistant, this device could inform you about the weather, show you the latest news, the sources of videos of Nest, and other similar actions. However, there is no camera in the list of specifications, and it is currently unknown if the screen will be removed from the base, which would be quite convenient in a tablet with a base.

We have seen other screens smart with the Google Assistant, and it can be reason why Google allowed Amazon to take advantage with its own Echo Show, but we are excited about the idea of a horn smartphone screen created by Google.

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In a line very similar to the Google Home Hub, we also hope to learn more details about the Google Pixel Stand, a way to convert a phone Pixel on a Google device Home with all the features.

The details on the Pixel Booth are pretty scarce, but it seems that the support will allow a phone to Pixel work more closely with the Google Assistant, which will allow the Wizard to work with a locked screen and possibly an increase in the number of personalized answers. It is also likely that support will be a wireless charger, which will keep the phone battery charged while it is docked. The latter means that the bracket would not work with the previous devices Pixel, since these do not support the wireless charging.


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In the event of October last year we met the first Pixelbook, so it is only logical to expect a follow-up to this year with the Pixelbook 2.

Is expected to come with internal components upgraded, including a likely update of the Intel processors eighth-generation replacing the chips of the seventh generation are the most ancient in the first Pixelbook. Interestingly, there could be the possibility of a model Pixelbook lower-cost armed with a-series processors And the Intel, although there’s still nothing solid on this. However, it seems that the new Pixelbook will come with a screen 4K enhanced, which will become one of the few Chromebook 4K on the market, all with a few bezels are very small to maximize the benefits of a screen of such resolution.

We also expect to see better compatibility with LTE in a new Pixelbook, possibly through the Project Fi of the Google, in addition to other security updates, such as scanning fingerprints or even facial recognition. With Chrome OS, paving slowly the way to become the “Android tablets”, we expect to see more support for using the Pixelbook as a tablet.

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Google Pixelbook in tablet mode

But it is possible that Pixelbook is not the only device in the Pixel-based Chrome OS in a parade during the event. Rumors that Google has been working on a Chromebook convertible 2-in-1 have persisted. With the code name “Nocturne” –completely different from Chrome “Atlas”– it could be indeed something different from Pixelbook 2.

Called Pixel Slate, this product will be the first tablet with the Chrome operating system of Google, and possibly will be equipped with the same processor as Intel’s 8th generation that we expect to see in the Pixelbook 2. However, the rumors most interesting refer to the operating system of this Pixel Slate: not happy with Chrome OS, some rumors argue that the Pixel Slate will also be launched with the ability to dual boot in Windows 10, which would dramatically increase the range of options open to users.

However, don’t expect the same cut design bezel that we expect to see in the Pixelbook 2. While the bezels are thinner are great on most devices, tablets, the need for the grip, so that it is unlikely that you will see a drastic reduction in this device. However, we are very interested in knowing more about this Pixel Slate.


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Credit: /u/GroveStreetHomie

What is certain is that a Chromecast third generation was not on anyone’s radar, until someone came out of Best Buy with one then you buy it accidentally. Now it seems that it will present an enhanced version of Chromecasts with technology Google Cast, in the event next Tuesday.

Despite the fact that the device has already been sold to someone, the details about this new version is still quite elusive. It seems that the Chromecast 3 will be sporting a slightly different look to previous models, with a matte black finish and the logo “G” of Google in place of the eddy Chrome, in addition to be a little thicker. It is also rumored that it comes with more compatibility (Bluetooth) that the earlier versions, which could mean compatibility with game controllers and other similar devices. In truth, there seems to be an upgrade too important, unlike the Fire TV Cube Amazon.

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Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

everything indicates that Google intends to launch a second generation of Pixel Buds wireless, if we consider a tweet from Evan Blass, known for his assertiveness on these issues. It is stated that Google would seek to launch a new version of the Pixel Buds along with the phones Pixel 3. However, it is worth noting that this tweet also mentions also the launch of a Google Pixel Watch, something that Google has already said that will not happen.

Therefore, even though we’re not entirely convinced that the Pixel Buds 2 will be present on the 9th of October, we hope that Google eventually releases an update for their wireless headphones original. If you are Pixel Buds 2, we will assume that Google will have solved some of the criticisms that were given to the original, cutting the cable between the headphones, updating the charging case to something more practical and improving the fit. There is also the possibility that the new Pixel Buds are included with the smart phones Pixel 3 as a headset with USB cable-C with functionality of wizard of Google.

The event of October 9, Google starts at 11.m. Eastern time.

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