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What is the truth behind the release of secret Ufo Pentagon

Since a few months ago the Pentagon reported that it will release several files available on their investigations of the phenomenon UFO, however, the grounds are just coming to light.

A report by the New York Times indicates that the Senate is demanding the explanation of certain expenditures in this program and that they had to “standardize the collection and presentation of reports” about sightings of aerial vehicles, unexplained, and had to report at least some of their findings to the public every six months.

The most important thing, is that the Pentagon report rather than aliens or possible sightings of ships out of the Earth, “is to discover whether the other nation, especially any potential adversary, is using aviation technology innovative that could threaten the united States.”

This mainly focuses on new building technologies they are exploring countries like China and Russia.


In fact, republican senator Marco Rubio confidenció be concerned of a “technological leap” of these nations that “allow them to carry out this type of activity” of the aircraft, or drones, or new vehicles.

However, to Luis Elizondo, a former officer of military intelligence, and former director of the previous program of the Pentagon about aerial vehicles not identified, revealed that, “without presenting physical evidence, say they are convinced that objects of unknown origin have crashed into the Earth with salvaged materials for your study”.

The doubt the leaves in the air also Eric W. Davis, an astrophysicist who worked as a sub-contractor and then a consultant for the program UFO of the Pentagon since 2007, and has determined that many investigations of materials recovered and not identified, have not been able to find a scientific explanation of the earth.

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