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What is Samsung’s new brand of the elite in telephony?

sosteniendo en alto el Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus
Not made aware of this and we still agree: the incisive advertising of Samsung stood to buyers of the iPhone as followers compulsive disorder from a near-religion and, since then, as the elite to bring down. Apple could not criticize Samsung for this as they themselves had done the same with Microsoft in a hilarious campaign that will remain as memory in the annals of the history of advertising. The koreans have been criticizing the iPhone over the years for a good reason: it is the telephone of reference, that of the elite. Get a coffee and place the iPhone on the table with the apple logo bite confers upon its owner a certain status, and this is primarily an economic motivation: the iPhone has historically been a phone very expensive. Until now…

And we’re back to talk about Samsung because it is gradually seeing the results of turning the brand into a segment elitist and away from the look of Android cheap that will inevitably appear some terminals of the platform.

By sum it up clearly before delving in the analysis, those who buy one of the latest models of high-end Samsung can repeat the scene with the coffee and the phone on the table and be the most unique of the place. Suddenly, it is as if Apple was a popular brand, and only the wealthier classes could afford a Galaxy S20 Ultra or a Galaxy Flip.

The barrier of $1,300

What exactly is going on? Samsung has played safe in a bet very delicate and with consequences that could be unexpected: raise the price of its high-end phones, above if it is the iPhone more expensive. If you remember well, the escalation of prices in telephony began, by placing it in the time, with the iPhone X, a phone that exceeded a thousand dollars. By that time, it seemed crazy to pay the same for a laptop for a phone, but Apple had a strong argument: this iPhone had the revolutionary release system FaceID and premiered a design glass. It was the perfect excuse to raise the price. And this is exactly what is doing Samsung right now, although in the past models, the jump has been much more qualitative.

The great fright they gave the koreans with the controversial Galaxy Fold, a phone that is marketed more or less than $2,000 dollars, a figure that already, it is totally unjustifiable under any argument. However, Samsung, with that price, he has achieved a goal you might be pursuing: that the device be so elitist that they are very few who can afford it, and at the same time, elevate the brand as a manufacturer of exclusive products. Put on the table a Galaxy Fold are already big words, and yes, what determines the exclusivity is, unfortunately, the price.

Designs transgressors

Un Galaxy Note 10 sobre una mesa

But… how is the exclusivity a matter purely economic? For the most part, yes, for a simple reason: money makes the filter who can afford a product and who is not. However, Samsung is far more because he bets at the same time by offering something different, and this is the part that most damage it could do to Apple: iPhone buyers lead, since its launch, using the same design with very few variations. This is actually not bad in themselves, as buyers of new models have no learning curve and this has motivated that Apple has one of the rates, customer loyalty rates in the industry.

Samsung has solved this dilemma in another way: a commitment to innovation and risk so much, as we have seen with the Galaxy Fold, a phone that dragged down the brand to the avernus to have come on the market in a precarious and cause the very CEO of the company had to apologize openly for mistakes made. But they have not ceased in their efforts and, in fact, Samsung has pressed the step introducing the Galaxy Z Flip that you already know and raising the price on the S20 Ultra more equipped to nearly $1,600 dollars, and that it maintains a format that is more conservative.

Is there a limit on the price? The answer is, as always, the market and performance that a manufacturer wait for a obtain of a product. As well, the Galaxy Fold is not, of course, a product of the masses, nor does it seem that the margin per unit that you get Samsung to be very high (if there is one), but the revenue that you receive the manufacturer in terms of innovation and prestige that you get from the same. To ensure that a brand is linked mentally to the forefront in technology has no price, and Samsung seems to be willing to put all the necessary money on the table.

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