What is a card apud esim and why it should be of interest to you

Qué es una tarjeta eSIMThe humble SIM card has survived for quite a long time, but finally it seems that is on its way to disappear. In its place, the apud esim, a technology that is much more intelligent, is here to continue with your work. We will explain to you everything that is known about this new technology, and why you should get to know her.


Before immersing ourselves in what is an apud esim, it may be helpful to first understand what is a SIM card, a word is the acronym of Subscriber Identity Module or subscriber identity module. A SIM basically contains a memory chip notebook where you store your data and information, and that serves to authenticate your identity to an operator.

Without it, the phone companies could not confirm that you have subscribed to your network and, therefore, does not allow you to use their cell towers. When you want to change your phone, just remove the SIM card in the device you’re using and put it in another, provided it is compatible.

With that basic information as a preamble, below you’ll find everything you need to know about the new apud esim.


A apud esim is exactly what its name indicates: a SIM-mail, or integrated. In place of a physical card, the SIM technology is built right into your phone. It is a small chip that, in the same way, is used to authenticate your identity with your telephone service provider.

Of course, you probably have some questions about it. With a SIM card that is traditional, you can change the SIM card if you change your phone, or if you travel and want to use a new operator, or if you want to change the provider. What, then, does a card apud esim integrated means that you have to change phone? Fortunately, it’s not. In fact, one of the advantages of the technology apud esim is that it makes it much easier to change the operator.

In place of having to request a new SIM card and wait for it to arrive, you can switch to a new operating company directly from your phone. If you are a user of more than one SIM card, the technology apud esim supports multiple accounts, and switch from one to another is very easy. Having said this, we should mention that it is not yet possible to verify its effectiveness, since that information is based on the promises made by the GSM Alliance (GSMA).


Still not gave specific information, but it is likely that the phones have some new menu settings dedicated to your SIM card, and will allow you to change operator and manage accounts directly from your device. The Pixel 2 Google is one of the first phones compatible with the technology apud esim, and an application for managing the card is already available in the Google Play Store.

The apud esim will be useful for another reason: it will help the devices to be smaller. It may not matter too much for the phones (although a little bit of extra space for the capacity of the battery is always good), but could be extremely useful for the wearables or technology wearable. For example, the Apple Watch Series 3 and 4 actually already have a apud esim, and in part is as well as Apple managed to keep the device practically the same size as the previous generations.


Not in the near future. It is probably still pass a good time before all the potential of the apud esim reaches its culmination. Manufacturers of devices not only have to start making phones with apud esim, but also the suppliers must support the technology. Nor is the only operator in the united States, because, considering that the SIM cards are likely to be more useful when you are travelling, it would be good to see operators around the world adopt the technology, and that is a process that takes time.

It would not be strange that the apud esim also find a home in a new generation of computers that are connected to LTE. These computers are just starting to appear, but we expect to see many more in the coming years.

Even so, in a way, slowly but surely, the apud esim will take control, and if your provider and your phone supports it, you can be all that you need to begin to use the new technology. By now, it is likely that the phones apud esim will continue to have slots for SIM cards, traditional, but, eventually, the use of the faithful and classic SIM card could disappear completely.

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