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What do you look for Amazon to launch 13 devices in a single day?

Amazon is definitely looking to conquer all the markets. During the event, which took place in Seattle, we were able to see during a one-hour presentation of 13 different devices, in addition to having a first look on how the company is looking to make Alexa more intelligent.

It was really overwhelming to try to follow the rhythm of the ads. Practically, each minute is announced a new device, and despite the fact that there are some interesting, there are others who don’t seem to be worth at the first glance.

Let’s start with those of us not blinded. The idea of having a microwave smart looks like something out of a science fiction movie. “Oh a microwave with Alexa!?”, say. Yes. Now Amazon has a microwave with a button to activate to Alexa, but it’s not really as exciting as it looks. It is not that the microwave comes with Alexa built in. It has a button that activates a miss that is near. When you press the button on the microwave, you can’t tell the Echo: “pizza” and Alexa will put the necessary time in the microwave to heat the pizza. It is really a bit unnecessary. If you are already depressed a button on the device to activate to Alexa, you could have activated the button to turn it on again 30 seconds.

amazon conquista mercado inteligente alexa microondas 720x720

What is promising is the power to do this on any device. It is a tool that will be able to make use of the developers to include Alexa in new appliances.

Let’s continue with the clock. The Echo Wall Clock is a wall clock that connects to the internet via Bluetooth through an Echo appliance. Basically you can talk to it to turn on reminders and alarms. Is this really a necessary device? You can now talk to Alexa and ask him to tell you what is the time or you remember something, but this is something that any Echo can already be done. If you like seeing the time visually, we assume that it is a device that you could love to have. The good thing is that it does not cost much. For $29.99 usd it does not seem that it is very expensive.

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Particularly, one of the things that most moved me was the Echo Auto. If you ever have talking to Alexa in your car, thinking that you’re home, you’re not the only one. That’s why it was that Amazon brought to the market, the Echo Car, so that you can prepare for your arrival to the house, as well as ask specific questions while driving. In the end, there is not a better stage to issue voice commands, but when you’re driving. And a reference to the Self Fantastic not excites you enough, I don’t know what will.

I think that what Amazon wanted to achieve by launching 13 devices is to have something for all tastes and take over every corner of the market. There are 3 products for those looking to have the best sound when playing music: the Echo Sub Echo Link and Echo Link Amp, which in particular does not call me much attention, but there may be people who might enjoy it quite a bit. Equally, seeks to call the attention of those who want every one of their devices to be smart. Your devices “fools” will now be able to be smart with the plug Echo. Not to mention the Echo Show has been completely redesigned and now if it seems a device of the 21st century.

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Can that many people think that Amazon is going a bit by throwing so many products. However, the potential of the Internet of Things and the smart home has achieved that Amazon may launch 13 devices in a single event. This really breaks a record and shows that a future supersonic (or ultra-connected) is not so far away as we thought.

If Amazon could make sure my toilet is clean with only talk to Alexa, it would be fantastic and it is an area that no one has tried to conquer

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