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What crisis? Huawei responds to the difficulties with innovation and technology

opinion evento huawei septiembre 2019 matepro

Not a minute to lick the wounds, or a look back: Huawei has faced a crisis unparalleled, and has chosen to show a great muscle in its most recent event, remembering why this has been one of the leading brands in the telephony market. It has only been referred to their CEO to “difficulties” to then bombard the audience with a display of technological deployment, and to have been allowed to make fun of their rivals in certain situations.

What do you look for exactly the market? A phone pointer, to take excellent photographs and incorporates not only all the innovations already present in the industry, but add that extra ingredient that makes a big difference. Following the extensive and densísima presentation, one can feel overwhelmed with the avalanche of functions, features and data that Huawei has tried to dazzle those present. It is not exactly the image of a brand defeated to circumstances, but rather the opposite: a manufacturer that wants to be at the forefront of the sector. Although, yes, the presentation has been guilty of being over-charged content.

We’re not going to repeat all the novelties presented (if you are interested, you can check out our article on what is relevant to the event), but it does summarize the bases on which underpins Huawei your present and future.

Risking in the user interface

Being outside the umbrella of Google (the new Matte 30 Pro lacks Google Mobile Services) can certainly result in a situation of panic for a manufacturer whose catalog is moved only in the Android ecosystem, but it seems that fear is horrified when a yell really loud and that is what has made Huawei. “Do you fear me? Oh none!!! To prove it, I’m going to teach something really new”, is what seems to have told the chinese manufacturer. (It should be recalled, moreover, that the firm has guaranteed that the phone will have all the apps necessary for when it goes on sale and mentioned this situation as “temporary”).

It seems that fear is horrified when a yell really loud and that is what has made Huawei.

And has done so by presenting an interface very risky: removing the physical buttons for shooting and volume control, a step that none of his rivals has dared to give.

How is this? This is to replace the switches by means of software, something that, obviously, offers its advantages: it simplifies the design of the hardware, at the time that the user can place the button of the shutter release button of the camera where it pleases. What gives us the fear of this measure? You don’t need to remember that the software tends to fail, and if that were to happen in a aspect as critical as the volume control or the taking of photos, it might be more than a little frustrating. Time will tell.

The Matte Pro 30 you “see”

Another of the sensations that it leaves the presentation —which has surpassed long-time and a half— is that Huawei has wanted to go one step further than their rivals in practically all terrains. Why do we say this? Let’s take the example of the FaceID of the Apple ecosystem iOS: Mate Pro 30 proposes something similar, but in addition with a system that seems, on paper, more intelligent. In the demonstration, this system of facial identification works in a similar form to the ID Face of Apple, but going a step beyond because it hides the notification if it detects that there is another person behind.

Also, the manufacturer takes advantage of this front camera to present a curious system of follow-up, that makes it not necessary to rotate the phone to adjust the screen to the position of the person who looks at it. That is to say, if the user rotates the head, the screen will “see” and rotate the content accompanying this movement, in a manner similar to the screens of smart Portal of Facebook. What an improvement essential? We don’t know, but it is clear that it is an innovative and that is appreciated in a segment saturated with new models and features.

A hardware outstanding

opinion evento huawei septiembre 2019 porsche rs feat

Huawei has reminded us, also, that it is a manufacturer of top-level finishes and ranges were presented: infinite screen in the Matte Pro 30 and a lot of leather, in addition to a model designed in collaboration with Porsche Design that exceeds €2,000 eur (approximately $2,210 dollars), a nod of course to the premium segment of the market, the more money and margins can provide a mobile brand.

The chinese manufacturer has achieved, on the other hand, something that is very easy to reach: this phone call the attention to the naked eye, not seem to be something vulgar but rather the opposite: a product of first level ready to beat the copper with the Samsung and Apple. Is there more? Because what we believe: a lot more and, in fact, one has the feeling that this presentation gave by themselves for a couple of deliveries mono-line products and functions.

Processor Kirin 990, a 5G on tests much faster and with a consumption of resources more efficient, a battery of quick charge and Reverse Charge to refuel the energy of the hearing aids (yes, is also presented and with noise cancellation), a new version of its smart watch, a smart tv that does not want it to be called so… we’re Not going to fall back into the trap of Huawei and we are left with the summary more complex: this manufacturer not only maintains your cruising speed, but hurry the step. Are you going to be good or not? That response also we have it clear: it is of little import, because it will follow the path of innovation as a solution to all problems. And we love it.

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