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We’ll show you the best gadgets for the kitchen

The best gadgets for the kitchen, improve your culinary skills and you will also save time. Some kitchen utensils can help to reduce preparation time, others allow you to leave food preparing while you do other thing, and others do you dare to prepare dishes more risky.

We have put together a selection of the best kitchen appliances to improve your dishes.

Hamilton Beach Food Processor

Hamilton Beach

Saves time cooking and preparing homemade recipes for all the family with a food processor. This versatile device saves you from having to cut the ingredients to hand; and, let’s be honest, this is the worst part of the kitchen.

The robot of kitchen Hamilton Beach has a capacity of 10 cups, making it an ideal size for families large and medium-sized. It is equipped with a powerful blade in S to chop, mix, and make purees, and so you don’t have to waste time cutting onions and vegetables on hand. In addition, cut off evenly the ingredients, so that they will cook with the same consistency.

This food processor also allows you to be more creative with the dishes and to create pesto, sauces, and even grate cheese with a single touch. Thanks to its two speeds, you can adjust the settings to create the perfect consistency on the meal. It is also not bulky, which is ideal if you have a limited space in the kitchen.

The powerful 450-watt motor has a large feed hopper, which allows you to place an entire block of cheese in the processor to reduce the time of pre-cut. In addition, all the components are dishwasher-safe, which means less washing time.

Sous vide: Anova Culinary Sous Vide


A sous vide is essential for those who cook often at home. It’s a great way to enhance flavors, create more healthy meals and, what is more important, never overcook the food and at the same time provide a stress free environment in the kitchen.

You can operate the Anova Culinary Sous Vide via Bluetooth or Wifi, allowing you to leave the kitchen while food is cooking. It is designed with a temperature control intelligent will never cook too much the dishes or left raw.

To use the sous vide, simply connect the device to a pot, add water and place the food in a sealed bag inside the pot. Start cooking your dishes with the touch of a button and set an alert for when the food is finished cooking. The timer lasts for up to 99 hours and has a temperature range of 32 degrees to 210 degrees F.

The Anova Culinary Sous Vide measures 12.8 inches, so some users may need to buy a larger pot to accommodate it.

Slow cooker: Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker with temperature probe

Slow cooker Hamilton Beach

The pots of slow cooking help tenderize the meat and enhance the flavors of food. If you cook at home, probably you will use the oven frequently, and since power consumption is a concern to most, a slow cooker can lower electricity costs in comparison with the use of a furnace, so that it is an investment that you can amortize.

Slow cooker Hamilton Beach 6-Quart Slow Cooker has two settings: program and manual, which makes this appliance is suitable for cooks to novices and those who like to be in front of the stove. Once that is complete the cooking process, the appliance automatically switches to keep warm, and this feature is great for times when a problem arises with the job and you can’t get to the kitchen at the time.

Add the ingredients, set the timer and enjoy delicious recipes with the family for later. The temperature probe further allows you to ensure that food is thoroughly cooked before serving. You can also adjust the temperature for a process faster or slower. It is easy to use thanks to the simple control panel and the components are dishwasher safe, so you can spend less time in the kitchen.

Creator of carbonated drinks: Drinkmate Beverage Carbonation Maker

Bebidas soda

What better way to brighten up your day with a soda?

This sleek appliance allows you to carbonatar easily any drink, including sparkling water, juice, tea, lemonade, energy drinks, craft cocktails, soft drinks and other beverages more creative.

Drinkmate looks elegant on your countertop, and is not overly expensive. Involving children in the creation of delicious fruit juices, a perfect task to keep them occupied. It is easy to use and requires no electricity or batteries, which saves you from the hassle of recharging. The cylinder of 10 liters it keeps you hydrated and allows you to experiment with drinks for all the members of the house.

Blender hand Cuisinart with whisk


The best kitchen appliances allow you to experiment with new ingredients without losing too much time.

The hand blenders are essential if you want to experiment with different recipes. This small device allows you to do everything from beating eggs to make puree, soup, and create whipped cream to make your own sauces.

It has a powerful motor of 200 watts, variable speed control and settings of mixture and shake so that you can give free rein to your creations.

Vacuum sealer Nesco Deluxe

Nesco sellador vacío

Food preparation is a great way to have dishes, sauces and extras to hand when you need them. However, to keep your creations fresh and without spoiling can be tricky. Fortunately, a vacuum sealer allows you to prepare meals ahead of time and save the leftovers, reducing food waste.

The sealer vacuum Nesco Deluxe is fully automatic and only requires the touch of a button to vacuum up a bag of food in an effective way. It even allows you to seal moist foods, so you can save the bags in your refrigerator without leaking. Features an automatic shutoff, which reduces operating costs and maintains security to the little ones.

To avoid breathing in excess or crush the food, is equipped with a switch-only seal, ideal for newbies and to keep your food in perfect conditions. This gadget has indicator lights so you know when the process is complete.

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