We will explain to you what is Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth is the first foray of Mojang in the world of augmented reality (AR) available on certain smart phones. This game can be downloaded for iOS and Android, and restructures the best aspects of the successful title in one of the mobile games AR more exclusive market. Although it is quite different to the original game, Minecraft Earth offers to the players a lot of unique content to explore, all wrapped up in his characteristic art style in blocks. We explain below what is Minecraft Earth.

Following in the footsteps of the giants

Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth has been developed by Mojang, the same company in charge of Minecraft, although for a different computer of engineers; on the other hand, has been released for Xbox Game Studios. It was introduced for the first time in may of last year and has been available as title of early access from October of 2019. Minecraft Earth is still a game relatively new, which means that it could change many things between now and its official release. That said, the title of RA offers players several exciting features not seen in other titles of AR and is a mobile game perfectly useful in its current state.

In addition, it is fully playable without the need of spending a single dollar. However, the microtransactions are available and allow players to speed up the development process and to purchase certain upgrades.

If you are completely new to the world of augmented reality, it’s worth going deeper in him. In summary, AR uses your phone’s camera to overlay virtual objects to the real world. To Minecraft Earth, this means that when you look at your screen, you’ll see the real world in front of you along with mobs virtual, enemies, and hundreds of blocks.

Convert a IP popular in a game RA mobile is not a new concept: what we have seen before with Pokémon Go , and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Minecraft Earth takes a lot of borrowing of these titles: it urges the players to wander from their surroundings, pick up items, do quests and level up in the process. However, Minecraft Earth is still in the beta phase, and not only is building from other games of RA, but also is innovating in unique ways to promote the genre.

The Tappables, the heart of the experience


As happened with the Pokeparadas in Pokémon Go, the Tappables are the driving force in the Minecraft Earth. As players explore the real world, they will encounter some with a few objects called Tappables. Appear in the form of treasure chests, trees, mobs, or other objects Minecraft. When you play, you will be given materials that can be used in the production process, such as logs of wood or blocks of stone. Unless the players are willing to get out and explore their surroundings, will not have a lot to work to be able to create.

Minecraft Earth takes advantage of the technology AR

Minecraft Earth

Despite the fact that to carry out the “mining” Minecraft Earth you generally need to have players in your environment, the part corresponding to the “creation” is an issue that you can tackle solo. As players level up, they can buy items called “Plates of building construction”. These are elements that should be placed in a fixed position in the real world before the players can begin to create your own work. While there is nothing that prevents players to place these pieces in a park full of people, a living room calm is much more conducive to the process of construction.

Even in its preview status, the implementation of AR works incredibly well. Once that is established a board of construction, you’ll be able to move around it in 360 degrees to make the settings that best interests you. It is a mechanical stunning and really shows off the capabilities of augmented reality.

The plate construction can be used in two different modes: one that allows its placement at tables and another that turns your creation in an environment of natural size. The mode table is ideal to create, as the action develops like a set of Lego. Once you’ve finished, you can expand the build plate and explore your creation, whenever you can find an open space large enough to place it, of course.

Another great feature of the AR in the Minecraft Earth is Adventures. It is a game mode that allows you to explore a portion of the random virtual world without having to leave the comfort of your home. The adventures are placed in a manner similar to the Plates of construction but in place of creating them, you have the task of discovering new ores, mobs and blocks. It is possibly the portion of the Minecraft Earth that is more reminiscent of the Minecraft original, and it fits perfectly with the title of RA.

Beyond the AR

Minecraft Earth AR

Outside of the unique characteristics of the AR, players can interact with a lot of content. You can create new objects from the materials that you discovered in the real world, create your own avatar, level up your character and join your friends in the local multiplayer mode to create a masterpiece collaborative. To be a game of early access, Minecraft Earth gives players a lot of material for enjoyment. For when it is released officially, we hope that they will add more if it is worth the amount of content.

We don’t know if Minecraft Earth will survive or not in the long run and it is that, despite the fact that Minecraft is an inexhaustible source of IP that will undoubtedly attract the interest of millions of players, just like they did in Harry Potter and Pokémon, the other major entries in the market for mobile AR. However, with a single deployment and the simplicity of discovered resources in the real world, Minecraft Earth is likely to be a long-term success in the world of augmented reality.

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