We will explain to you how to install fonts in Windows 10

The default fonts of Windows are easily recognizable by the majority, but let us agree that they are not necessarily the most attractive. If you’re looking for something more attractive for your next presentation or graphic design, this guide of how to install fonts in Windows 10 you will be interested in.

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Currently, there are thousands of attractive designs that you can download, but installing them can’t be easier. In the following guide we will show you how to install fonts on Windows 10, step-by-step. But remember: if you download one, make sure that they are for personal use only.

In addition to install fonts in Windows 10, we will explain how to delete unwanted sources —possibly annoying— and restore the font selection to default, if that be necessary.

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The easy method

Cómo instalar fuentes en Windows 10

Step 1: Search the font you want to install, either in the new display of fonts instigated Microsoft in the Microsoft store, or on a web site of your choice. Download.

Step 2: The source may (or may not) be compressed in a zip file. If that is the case, click the right mouse button on the file, select “Extract all” or “unzip” and then follow the instructions for placing the source in the folder of your choice.

Step 3: After you unzip the file (or when you downloaded the file), click the right mouse button on the file and select “Install”. And that is all!


If you prefer to do things manually, you can use the old method of drag-and-drop, which requires two open windows.

Step 1: Download your font as indicated in the instructions above and extráela of the compressed file, if that is necessary.

Step 2: Navigate to the search field of Cortana in the taskbar, type “control Panel” and click on the appropriate result.

Step 3: With the control Panel open, go to “Appearance and personalization” and click “Fonts” in the main window.

Step 4: once you load the library with the fonts, simply drag your new font from the location of the destination in the file Explorer to the window of the source. You will see a small progress bar while it installs. Once complete, the new source will be ready for use.

How to delete sources

If you end up installing more sources as you need, or you simply do not want that some of them are available, we explain now how to remove them.

Step 1: Search for “control Panel” in the search bar of Windows 10 and click the corresponding result.

Step 2: click “Appearance and personalization” and then on “Sources”.

Step 3: Scroll through the list or use your keyboard to search for a specific font. When you find it, click on it and select “Delete” in the top menu bar. Alternatively, you can click the right button of your mouse and select “Delete” in the pop-up menu.

Step 4: When prompted, confirm the action, click “Yes”. In this way, the source will be removed from your system.

To reset the default fonts

If the fonts are causing problems, or if you deleted some important, you can always reset your fonts to the default settings of Windows 10. This is much less complex than resetting or reinstalling Windows 10, and simply you have the sources, such as when the operating system was newly installed.

Step 1: look for the “control Panel” in the search bar of Windows 10 and click the corresponding result.

Step 2: click “Appearance and personalization” and then on “Sources”.

Step 3: click “font Settings” in the left menu.

Step 4: click on the button “Restore settings of default fonts”. Windows 10 will restore the font selection to the default options of Windows 10.

*Updated by Rodrigo Orellana on November 1, 2019.

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