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We tested the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, and this is what we think

The Galaxy S10 Plus could become the best phone of 2019.

Recently, we carried out the long-awaited event Samsung Unpacked 2019, which not only revealed the flip phone from the Korean company, but, in addition, a watch, earphones, smart and of course, no less important, the already rumored: Galaxy S10 Plus.

The Galaxy S10 comes into the market to become the new flagship phone of the company and continue the legacy of the Galaxy S9. However, on this occasion, Samsung has decided to bring in four different models with qualities similar: the Galaxy s10e netbook, the S10, the Galaxy S10 Plus and the Galaxy S10 5G.

The team of Digital Trends in Spanish, not only had the opportunity to attend the event in San Francicsco to know the new phones closely, but in addition, we were able to bring the model more large and full, the Galaxy S10 Plus to test them for several days and can tell you first-hand that seems to us to be their functions.

Do you want to know if it is worth buying?What will be so novel as to ensure Samsung? We will answer these questions below.

Vibrant display and sleek design

Just enough to spend a few minutes with the Galaxy S10 Plus to stay fascinated with their design. Although physically this device resembles the Galaxy S9 with some changes that make it more elegant and unique.

The Galaxy S10 Plus has a large screen Infinity-Or of 6.4 inches that covers almost the entire front of the phone and allows you to minimize the bezels to their maximum expression. In addition, we note leagues such as the laser does an excellent job of cutting a small aesthetic hole in the screen without damaging the bevels, in order to place the front-facing cameras, without being ordinary.

And best of all is that, this hole does not affect the visibility of the available applications. Although the notification bar is a little larger in this device, the applications that we tested, both of the own device, as a third party, they look great on the screen.

It’s also worth noting that we liked the detail of the white ring that lights up when you open the camera app.

The Galaxy S10 Plus has a screen that covers almost the entire front and minimizes the bezels in their maximum expression.

Thanks to that the screen uses the technology “Dynamic AMOLED” from Samsung makes the images look really beautiful, sharp and with an incredible accuracy of colour.

In the back, you can see not one, not two, but three cameras on the Galaxy S10 Plus, arranged horizontally and of course, the word Samsung on it. However, this new phone does not have a fingerprint sensor that regularly is in the back, because now is touch on the screen.

In the time that we spent with the phone, the fingerprint has worked out quite well. Within A few seconds of placing your thumb (pre-registered) the phone is unlocked as if by magic. It is only important that you have in mind, that the finger should be placed in the same way that registered it, because otherwise it has problems to recognize it (happened to us on a few occasions)

Unlike the Samsung phones earlier, there is an iris scanner. Although there is an option of face unlock is available through the camera hole is not as secure and can only be used to unlock the phone, which is a little disappointing.

Size and grip is perfect

There are things that are just a matter of habit. The first time we saw and we played the Galaxy S10 Plus in the event of San Francisco, we must admit that it seems to be a little large and we struggled to touch the volume buttons, but after spending several days using it, that perception changed.

samsung galaxy s10 plus announcement 12
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

Currently, we believe that the size is quite comfortable, as we found a way to hold it with one hand without problems, and yet continues to offer a screen extraordinary, So very well done Samsung!

On this occasion, Samsung has decided to add metal frames that are not fully rounded as your flagship phone, which offers a better grip when holding the phone and prevents falls violent of this device glass.

It should be noted that Samsung also launched two special editions that use a different material. The S10 Plus 512GB and 1TB will come with a front glass and a back plate of white or black ceramic, to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the series Galaxy S. These phones feel far more luxurious than models of glass, offering greater durability and resistance to scratches.

Returns the connector for hearing aids

Currently, many phone companies have taken the drastic decision to remove the connector for earphones of 3.5 mm, however, Samsung has decided to leave it in its new Galaxy S10 Plus, but if you want you can also use headset with Bluetooth, as the Galaxy Buds.

samsung galaxy s10 plus announcement 5
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

The phone also has a water-resistant IP68, can dive under water up to 1.5 metres for 30 minutes. Although we did not do the test, submerging it, if you put water on it and the phone will not bother or present disadvantages.

Specifications powerful

The Galaxy S10 Plus works with the processor Snapdragon 855 Qualcomm, which probably fed most of the high end phones of this year. Comes available with 8 GB of RAM, however, if you choose to buy the 1 TB, you’ll need nothing more and nothing less than an amazing memory of 12 GB of RAM. This phone offers at least 128 GB of storage, but a MicroSD card slot in case you need to add more space.

In addition, it has a cooling system with steam chamber to prevent the phone from overheating while performing intensive tasks, like games heavy. In our tests, the phone was attended to our requirements quickly, and the truth is we don’t have any complaints.

The 5G is not present but we will see the Wifi 6

Although it was once thought that the S10 Plus you would have the ability to connect to networks 5G, it will not be possible, as they do not have the modem Qualcomm X50 required. However, Samsung has decided to make a special edition of the Galaxy S10 5G with this modem, which may connect to the mobile network of the next generation.

But, let us remember that the operators of phone in EE. UU. they are just implementing 5G, what you want to that there still is a time to see it as a reality.

Without a doubt, one of the great qualities of the Galaxy S10 Plus is the compatibility with the new standard of Wifi 6, which is compatible with the chipset Snapdragon 855. While the routers Wifi 6 are few, in the future will be more accessible to provide a more secure connection, a access four times faster and an overall increase of 20 percent in the speed in comparison with the previous generation of Wifi.

A phone with five cameras

One of the big changes that have the Galaxy S10 Plus with respect to their predecessors and the other models announced is that it has nothing more and nothing less than five extraordinary chambers. As is usual, Samsung has been proposed is to provide a solid camera in its flagship phone, able to portray professional photographs, without the necessity of having a dslr.

One of the major changes of the Galaxy S10 Plus is that it has five extraordinary chambers.

The S10 Plus is in the rear standard lens 12-megapixel camera with an aperture variable to f / 1.5 to f / 2.4 (which Samsung debuted last year), but, in addition, is combined with a telephoto lens, 12 megapixel camera with Aperture f/ 2.4, as well as a lens ultra-wide-angle 16-megapixel camera with aperture f/ 2.2.

Samsung is debuting with this last lens mentioned to offer a first plane more accurate, without having to move your phone. In our tests, we realized that the process of changing a lens to another is quite fast and simple, since you just have to press inward or outward in the viewfinder of the camera and the phone will automatically switch to the lens.

The photos that can be achieved with this device are really impressive. Now, with the rear camera, you can take a photo with three different foci of approach, without having to move the object or your camera, something like that, as if you had a dslr camera and you were using different lenses. And, in addition, as we expect, the photos are sharp and precise.

In terms of video, we did some tests, and they were very good. As the phones, more new, offer recording conventional camera, slow and fast to very good quality.

In the front, the Galaxy S10 Plus has a lens 10 megapixel with an aperture of f / 1.9, which is ideal for those who want to capture videos UHD 4K, as the vloggers. In addition, a second 8-megapixel lens with an aperture of f / 2.2 for capturing the best depth data.

Although many qualities in terms of the camera as we had seen in the Galaxy S9 and S9Plus, we must admit that the small improvements that have been made bring a great difference.

Improved battery

The S10 Plus has an extraordinary battery of 4,100 mAh, which according to Samsun should be able to last a full day without problems. And in our tests we were able to prove the point. We were making calls with the phone, listening to music and checking our social networks for a whole day and the phone didn’t need charging until the next day.

Just like its siblings, this phone is loaded over the USB-C or wirelessly. But the most interesting thing about this phone is that it is capable of charging wirelessly to other products that are enabled for Qi through a new feature called Wireless PowerShare. Although we have already seen before in the Matt 20 Pro (called Reverse Wireless Charging), this is the first time that we see this in Samsung.

For that to work, you must simply place an enabled device for Qi, such as an iPhone XS or the case load of the Galaxy Buds of Samsung, in the back of the phone (below the word Samung) and will recharge by consuming energy of the S10 Plus.

In our tests, the Galaxy S10 Plus quickly recognized the new watch and the Galaxy Buds of Samsung, by uploading it without problems.

After the recent launch of the Galaxy S10 Plus, Samsung has shown why it is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of smart phones. In the days that you have used the device, were delighted with their new qualities, which may make it the best phone of 2019.

The Galaxy S10 Plus will be available starting march 8 for a value of $1000, however, since you can already preordenarlo. If you order before march 7th, you’ll be able to receive a Galaxy Buds of gift, which regularly have a price of $129.

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