We tested Ring Fit Adventure: recover your physical state having fun

ring fit adventure

We tested Ring Fit Adventure: recover your physical state of fun

“The game will make you sweat, even in the low level, almost without realizing it: the action adventure mode, you get caught”

  • It adapts to your physical state
  • You can choose the level of game
  • Guide in the exercises at every moment
  • Possibility to train in the classic mode
  • Mini-games as fun as demanding

Being sedentary is the new smoking, and video games such as Ring Fit Adventure have been proposed getting off the couch to avoid this lifestyle is insane and help us to exercise in a playful manner. The difference of this title from Nintendo for the console Switch is not limited to propose different workouts as if practiced with a personal trainer: this game includes an adventure mode that takes you into a story in which you must overcome different obstacles and defeat the enemy, a black dragon with the body of a bodybuilder and the face of a few friends (Draco). We’ve played some levels and we can assure you that you will sweat the shirt (even on the easiest mode).

To be able to play it includes a Ring-or, what is the same, a ring similar to the one used in pilates, only that it integrates a lot of sensors and the control Joy-With, among other things. This accessory will serve for exercise, get experience points (aiming for coins or shooting boxes) and also to control the game with movements. The player, moreover, you must get in the left thigh with a tape that also is necessary to measure the movements of the user.

Adapts to the shape of the player

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Before you start playing, as usual, tap to choose the character, fill in some personal data (age and weight, among others), indicate the physical state and calibrate the force through the Ring-to adjust the intensity of the game at our level and preferences.

A brief introduction explains who is Draco and what is your goal in this adventure in which we explore different minimundos, in the traditional style of adventure games such as Super Mario Odyssey. The difference is that to explore these places, not enough to push the buttons of the Joy-With but that the player should run (on the site), and perform squats, sit-ups, push-ups, archery, rowing, postures of yoga and many other exercises at the same time that you move the Ring-With as requires you to the game at any time. This accessory is also the instrument to gather coins and other rewards that you get experience points that help you level up.

If you’re not familiar with the controls and the video game console, the principle may cost a little to perform the movements requested, for example, to jump over obstacles that it does not run jumping, as would have been natural, but moving the hoop down and then tightening it. You’ll have to get used to it little by little.

The good thing is that you get to choose the intensity and level of play at each moment. So if you see that you become exhausted, you can reduce the difficulty, or directly stop play to pick it up when you want where you left off.

To guide you in the activity at all times, to the left of the screen appears Tipp, a virtual trainer that shows you how you should move in each exercise until you learn and you just lay your eyes on the action of the game, which is where you should put your attention.

Fighting against adorable salticuajos, estéridos and other creatures

ring fit adventure
Marta Villalba/Digital Trends, in Spanish

In Ring Fit Adventure, if you do not move, do not advance in the game. And after exploring a minimundo, if you want to move on to the next, you will need to confront various monsters by choosing what weapon (exercise) you want to use. Some of these adorable creatures are inspired in equipment and accessories related to fitness. Its appearance is childish and colourful and fun names (salticuajo, estérido, áncax, bolocán…) does not stop you in your mission: defeat them in battles of fitness.

At the end of each level is broken down the time of activity, calories burned and distance traveled, as well as the different types of exercises performed and the number of times. Also at the end of the adventure that gives the possibility of measure the pulse, something that is done simply by putting your finger on a sensor integrated in the Ring-With.

Quick games with mini-games

If, for any day you prefer to exercise in the traditional way, the game also features a “your air” in which it is possible to create different tables with all the exercises included in the game (100% customizable).

In the mode “quick match” you can exercise different parts of the body with mini-games. We tested two: “Challenge of the pectoralis major” consists in pressing the ring intermittently with all the strength you can to strengthen your chest, an exercise as simple as it is demanding. The “Workshop of Pottery” strengthens the arms and legs with squats and precision for modeling the Ring-With the vessel proposed as a model.

The mode “multi-Tasking” allows the player to practice with the Ring-With the console turned off, for example, while watching a series or in the office. This exercise that you make independently without the need to be in front of the console, sum of experience points (when you turn on the console, the ring is synchronized with the Switch, and that extra practice is recorded in your profile).

For the entire family but without multiplayer

This game —which inaugurates a new genre that Nintendo called “Fantasy Fitness”— is aimed at users who have a minimum of seven years. That’s why the whole family can exercise and have fun with it. However, it does not have multiplayer mode. In the minigames, yes, it is possible to challenge with someone, whether that can pass the ring to sting you with your friends or family, keeping the score in a different user, but you must change the profile to start playing another person.

To exercise without disturbing your family or neighbors, Ring Fit Adventure gives the possibility of activating a silent mode in which you’re not going to find jogging exercises.

Our opinion

Ring Fit Adventure can be purchased now for $79.99 dollars. Is it worth buying? This game proposes a different way of moving in the privacy of your home that does not replace the gym or a personal trainer. Achieved the goal of having fun and train at the same time, after mastering the necessary movements to progress. And it doesn’t matter that you’re in poor shape, you can adapt the intensity, something important to not desmotivarse. We would need more testing time to know if you hooked.

The possibility of exercise as part of the action of a video game of adventure is something completely new and that is its best asset, as may be the motivation you need to get in shape without leaving the house. But, as often happens, the challenge is not only to prosper in the game, but in having the will enough to find a hole in your day-to-day, you turn on the console and dedicate a time to care for your body and your mind.

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