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We tell you where to buy the Motorola Razr and how much it costs

The Motorola Razr is ready to get your hands on it! After a delay in the time schedule original, the manufacturer confirmed that the long-awaited phone clam shell or clamshell will be available in stores from February 6, 2020… but if you’re impatient you can buy it in advance from the 26th of January, directly from Verizon, Walmart, and the Motorola web site.

The phone returns after several years with a renewed style, four cameras, features modern and fully intend to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X. If you are enthusiastic with the possibility of acquiring this telephone, either by their functions, their special design or because it just makes you remember with nostalgia the first version, we tell you where to buy the Motorola Razr and how much it costs.

Where to buy the new Motorola Razr?

If you live in EE. UU. and you want to buy the new phone from Motorola, the only way to find it will be through Verizon. The manufacturer of phones associated with this operator, which it will sell exclusively in the country. So if you want the Motorola Razr, you will need to have a line with this company, or, in his default, you will need to change.

Despite the agreement reached Motorola and Verizon, the iconic Motorola Razr will also be available on the official website of Motorola and in a few stores of Walmart.

Availability in other countries

Although Motorola has not yet confirmed what other countries will be available on your new phone, it was announced that the lucky ones will be some of the european continent.

How much does the new Motorola Razr?

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The new phone from Motorola will be on sale at $1,499 dollars. Although it is priced quite high, is lower than that of its competitors: the Samsung Galaxy Fold costs $1,980 dollars and the Huawei Mate X has an approximate value of $2,400 dollars.

Also, Verizon gives you the opportunity to be able to pay the Motorola Razr by installments, for 24 months, where you will have to pay an amount of $62.49 usd per month.

Discounts on advance purchase

During the period of anticipated purchases, you can get up to $700 discount on the Motorola Razr in the payment of the device. We tell you how to do it:

  • Users of other operators: must enroll in the plan Verizon Unlimited and deliver a phone eligible, which will receive a credit of $500, plus another $200 dollars with a MasterCard prepaid.
  • Users force: will be able to save up to $300 dollars if you swapped any of the phones eligible for the new Razr.

* Article updated by Rodrigo Orellana on January 23, 2020

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