We show you how to make backup Mac in a few simple steps

These days Apple is interested in promoting their services iCloud, so that you can back up your files from any Apple device, but it is totally understandable if you prefer a more traditional method to do this process and do not keep them in the cloud. To know how to make backup of Mac and do not lose your valuable data in the attempt, in Digital Trends in Spanish I explained step by step this process.

To get a support more sure, I suggest you make a backup both in iCloud and in a disk. External drives, such as HDD or SSD, they are still an excellent option (and without subscription costs) if you prefer a physical location to store, protect and share your data.

Make sure your disk is formatted correctly

Debes formatear tu unidad de disco externa

If you are going to use a hard disk or an SSD external to do a backup, you must format it to make it compatible with the file system extended MacOS. With a few exceptions, most of the external hard drives are not preformatted for Mac.

Fortunately, it is a simple process and is the first step that we suggest to follow to learn how to make a backup of the Mac.

Step 1: Connect the hard disk to your Mac.

We recommend you use a new hard disk. If you use an old one, things could get complicated. Considers that the formatting will erase all data on the drive, so that previously you will want to verify and eventually to move some data valuable to another device.

Step 2: Start the Disk Utility.

The Disk Utility is located in Applications, under the subtitle Utilities. You can access this section through the Dock.

Step 3: Find the hard disk you want to reformat.

All the drives and volumes on your Mac will be listed in the Disk Utility, so make sure you choose the right one.

Step 4: Delete the unit.

Choose Delete in the window of Disk Utility, it confirms that what you want to do and get ready to change the name of the unit. A good option is to call it something like “Backup of Mac”, if it is primarily what you will use with this objective.

Step 5: Choose the new schema map.

Now you have to choose a new format, among which are: Plus (with registration), Plus (journaled, encrypted), Plus (shift./sensitive., with registration), Plus (shift./sensitive., with registry, encrypted).

The Plus format (with registration) allows you to maintain the hierarchical file system, while the option Encrypted only added a password and encryption. The case distinguishes this use in the folders, for example, mantienendo separated September and September.

Choose your best alternative, although if you’re not sure what to do, we recommend you to use the fourth format, which includes the three capacities, maintain the file system, add a password and observe the use of uppercase and lowercase letters.

Step 6: Go to security Options.

Select security Options and make sure at least three times that the drive is configured to write over the old data. This in the case of units Stata, not for the SSD.

Step 7: Delete and confirm.

Your disk will be reformatted!

Backup through Time Machine

La aplicación Time Machine te ayudará en el respaldo periódico

In the second step of this guide on how to make a backup of your Mac you will have to use the app Time Machine. This allows you to make a backup of your computer regularly and automated. If you don’t mind having an external drive connected to your device, this tool will save you time and work. To activate it, follow these steps.

Step 1: Open Time Machine and make sure that it is turned on.

You can find the app Time Machine in system Preferences, located in your Dock. On the left side of the window of Time Machine there are a a large switch to turn it on or off. Must be switched on.

Step 2: Select your drive.

On Select disk, choose the drive on which you will perform the backup. If you followed the steps of formatting the first section, you should not have any problems, although you may need to enter a password if the drive is encrypted.

Elige la unidad en la que trabajará Time Machine

Step 3: Check the options.

Under the button Options, you can choose what data volumes you want to back up, which is useful if you do not want to save all the data on your MacOS. If everything appears appropriate, then you’re ready to move forward.

Time Machine will automatically backup your data and allow you to recover data from the latest 24 hours if something goes wrong, as well as information and files daily in the last month, and weekly since that Time Machine began to work.

Manually store the data in external drive

Puedes elegir algunos archivos para respaldar

A third step of how to make a backup of Mac successful is aimed at those who want to back up specific files. It is a more suitable solution if you only want to save data related to your work, family photographs, audiovisual material, among others.

Step 1: Open your browser.

You can open a window of the Browser at any time from the Dock. Check the left side of your Browser if your external hard disk is connected. Normally, if your drive is connected and formatted correctly you will see your name. If not, go to Preferences and select sidebar, where you can choose to customize what appears on the side of the Search engine. Check that your drive is configured to appear there.

Step 2: Create the folders you need.

Crea las carpetas que necesites para el proceso de respaldo

It is possible that the files you want to back up are already in the appropriate folders, well-organized, in which case you can skip this step. But if your files are scattered, you can select the folder icon in the Finder and create new folders to sort your data.

Step 3: Move the folders to your external drive.

Drag and drop the folders that you want to save on the external drive located in the side bar. Automatically will be copied on that hard drive. If you’re looking for a particular file to keep it and can’t find it, use the function Search in the top right of the screen of the Finder.

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