We show you how to delete cookies in simple steps

Cookies, are small data files used by websites to track your use of the internet, and do not represent a threat to your computer. However, some cookies can compromise your privacy , and also, occupy a small space, as is the way in which your operating system to store and retrieve the data. Fortunately, there are many options simple how to delete cookies in simple steps do you Want to know what are they?

If so, don’t worry. We have prepared a guide for you to customize the settings of your cookies and to remove them from Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Operates, in conjunction with the applications of data cleaning as CCleaner.

But before, you should have in mind that cookies also have legitimate functions. The web sites use them to track the activity and the start data, resulting also essential. And, after all, some sites may not function properly without them.


Google Chrome allows you to easily delete cookies, manage the navigation data and specify what type of files should accept or block.

Step 1: click on the icon “Menu” of three dots in the top right corner and select “Settings”. Once you open the new tab, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Advanced. There will open a page of Settings to include additional options.

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Step 2: the first window is expanded you should see the panel of Privacy and security. Looking at the bottom and click on Clear browsing data.

Step 3: decide if you only want to delete the cookies or all, and select what distance you want to delete by using the drop-down menu.

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Step 4: when you’re ready, click the blue button to Delete data.

To manage how you saved and stored the cookies in the future, return to the list of security and Privacy and click on content Settings, followed by Cookies. There you will find options for which cookies are stored and if you want to block third-party cookies or not.

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Chrome on Android or iOS

Step 1: go to the Chrome menu, go to Settings and then search for the tab Privacy in advanced Settings.

Step 2: select Clear browsing data and mark Delete cookies and site data, before touching Delete data at the bottom.

There are also options to delete the history from your browser and delete images and files in cache.


The open-source browser has tons of add-ons and, in fact, it offers more options than Chrome when it comes to customize these settings, and that was before Quantum to give a twist to everything. Here’s how to delete the cookies that it stores.

Step 1: click on the icon of three lines in the top right corner. In the drop-down menu, select Options.

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Step 2: Select Privacy and security that appears in the menu to the left. Look for the header Cookies and site data.

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Step 2: click the button Clear data ….

Step 3: make Sure that Cookies and site data is checked and then click on the button Delete.

Alternatively, you can click on the link to Manage data. There, you will see a window with a search field to locate a specific cookie and a list of all the cookies stored on your device. You can press the button Delete selected to delete a cookie is highlighted, or press the button to Delete all if that is what you want.

To manage the way Firefox handles cookies, there are several options that you can toggle, between which they include to Accept cookies or to Block cookies or you can press Exceptions, where you control if the individual cookies are blocked or allowed, respectively.

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Firefox on iOS

Step 1: press the button New tab (above to the right, with the number).

Step 2: press the button on the gear at the top left of the screen.

Step 3: scroll down to Clear private data. On the next screen, make sure that you’ve selected Cookies, then tap on Clear private data.


Unlike Chrome and Firefox, Safari only stores cookies from websites you visit. However, Safari allows you to easily change these settings. Given that the version of Safari for Windows has been discontinued, our instructions will focus on the version of MacOS.

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Step 1: click on the menu Safari in the upper left corner and choose Clear history to delete all at once from a variety of time frames. If you prefer to have more control over what is deleted, choose the option Preferences.

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Step 2: in the section Privacy, you can use Block all cookies to delete all at once. Alternatively, click Details to see a list of each individual cookie stored in the browser that you can then remove them individually.

The options of Safari for the limited filtering of cookies are limited. However, you can ask websites not to track (with the function do Not track), or Safari try to block the follow-up between sites.

Safari on iOS

Step 1: go to Settings and select Safari.

Step 2: to delete all the cookies, tap Clear history and website data. To delete a specific cookie, tap Advanced, then website Data to get a list of cookies that are stored on your phone. From there, tap Edit, tap the red circle next to the specific cookie you want to delete and delete it.


Edge is the latest browser from Microsoft integrated in Windows 10. Below, we explain how to modify the configuration of cookies and delete existing ones:

Step 1: click on the icon of Configuration of three dots in the top right corner.

Step 2: then tap on Settings in the drop-down menu and scroll down to the section titled Delete browsing data.

Step 3: click the button and Choose what you want to delete.

Step 4: make sure that Cookies and saved data from the website is checked and then click on the button Delete.

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To manage how Edge handles the cookies, scroll down to the bottom of the main setup menu. You should see advanced Settings. Click on See advanced settings associated with it. At the bottom, you’ll find the section on Cookies with a drop-down menu. Your options are to block all cookies, block only third party cookies or don’t block them at all (default).

In the menu, Choose what to delete, you also have the option of deleting cookies every time you leave the browser using the switch below the button Delete.


While the Opera browser is based on the same base used by Google Chrome, access the settings of cookies of the browser has a slightly different process.

Step 1: click on the logo to red Opera at the top left corner

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Step 2: select Settings in the drop-down menu and a new tab will open in the browser.

Step 3: click on Privacy and security in the menu on the left and scroll down to the section on Cookies that is located in the resulting configuration.

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Step 4: tap the button All cookies and site data.

Step 5: click on the button Delete all to remove all cookies, or select individual cookies and then the icon “X” to eliminate them one by one.

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To manage the way that Opera handles cookies, in the page Privacy and security, use the options found under the header Cookies to decide if you want the cookies to be blocked, deleted at regular intervals or allow for full.


While browsers make deleting cookies is quite easy, there are also a large number of applications and add-ons of browser that may give you a little more control over your cookies.


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CCleaner is a powerful tool that you can download for free and use to clean your system of files in excess generated by your web browser, and other applications. CCleaner has an advantage over the web browsers in traditional cleaning cookies because you can do it in all areas, instead of just within a particular browser.

Click & Clean

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This extension serves as a security application useful for Chrome. The simple piece of software that touted the ability to scan for malware, and install an icon of toilet paper that allows you to remove the cookies with a single click. You can also customize the function to clear your cache and browsing history, if you prefer.

Cookie Quick Manager

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Cookie Quick Manager is an administration tool remarkably complete: you can use the icon of cookie in the task bar to immediately delete your cookies, or you can search for cookies past and make more complex rules according to your needs. Multiple identities are contextual which can use cookies to destination in several ways, and you have the option to reset the cookies if necessary. The tool is also available for Android.

*Updated by Maria Teresa Lopes on the 21st of December 2018.

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