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We reward the best products that we saw at MWC 2019

In the last six or seven months, we have been in the presentation of a twenty –or even thirty– new phones, and somehow all we have heard always the same: The phone presented is the best, the prettiest and the fastest. And do you know one thing? Well, yes: nearly all of what they are. Your way, of course: a chipset of 2019 will be faster and better than one of the 2018, which was already faster than the 2017, and so on. What more beautiful? Well, beauty is in the eye of who sees it, and of course that will be the best, if it complies with what it promises.

All announce the same thing, and all of them we also say the same thing: “Well, lend it to me, as we will be testing and we’ll tell you what-such”. For this reason, the presentation of the new Xiaomi Mi 9 has fascinated us greatly, as we confirmed almost instantly that everything he promises is true.

As should not surprise us. Xiaomi has always been a brand that offers phones with the latest in technology and at very good prices, but with the My 9 have been exceeded. The performance of a super phone at such a reasonable price it should remove the mobile phone market, as we have known it.

Love for the outside, but what beats inside the lift up to the altars: the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. This new chip offers a CPU performance 45% higher than that of the chip of last generation, in addition to an efficiency much higher, which means that it offers more speed –thing that you can check at the time– and a better battery life. It is very difficult to compete against a combination so well done.

It really does work. The software experience is smooth as silk and the battery resists for a whole day without needing to recharge. And when you do this, your system of wireless charging “house brand” is powerful enough to bring the battery from zero to 100% in an hour and 40 minutes. We also like the camera triple lens, which uses the new sensor IMX586 48-megapixel Sony for some amazing photos.

And this without considering your body Gorilla Glass 6, OLED screen or sleek design, all from €450 euros, or about $510 dollars. Too good to be true. But it is.

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