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We explain how to record the screen on Android with these apps

It is very likely, if not certain, that you know how to do a screenshot on your phone, but, perhaps, you’re not as familiar with record your screen in Android. Whether you want to share the steps to log in to your personal blog or explain to your mom how to send a GIF, then we will explain to you step by step how to do a long recording of your screen on Android at some applications available.

Know what are the applications of Android more suitable to achieve this capture and what steps you have to do, once you have downloaded the application. Are you ready to become an expert in the catches complicated from an Android device?

Let’s start!

AZ Screen Recorder

Step 1: The recorder AZ is an application of pure recording without time limits, watermarks or ads. When you download it, you’ll be able to display a small icon tool in the drawer of your application, or where you want to sort, you only have to select it, and move it So easy!

Step 2: With the tool started, you should see an overlay on the screen of your phone with a couple of different icons. Look in the lower left corner, the icon of the shutter of the camera. When you are ready to record, select that icon. The overlay will disappear and it will begin recording. Then, drag down the overlay again, and pause or stop the recording when finished. You must keep in mind that the icon in the form of a gear will take you to a menu where you can adjust many aspects of the quality of the video before you begin recording, which is quite useful, if you need a certain quality or want to save the space.

Step 3: This application also offers some tools for editing minors and the ability to draw on the screen during the recording, which makes it an excellent choice for professionals. In addition, the overlay includes an icon of a picture: when you select this option, you’ll be able to cut and edit the video, trim the screen as necessary, replace the audio with what you want and to convert sections in GIF. Definitely before you share your video, you must visit this area and make the necessary adjustments to publish a good product and quality.


Google Play Games

Step 1: As its name indicates, this app game management is related to the use of the recording of the games that you enjoy in Android. So the first thing that you must do is register with Google Play Games (GPG) and explore the service for finding the games. If you do this before you start to try to record, your experience will be much more enjoyable. So when you’re ready to begin, just open the app and visit the game that you want to record.

Step 2: When you select a game for the first time, you will visit the detail window of the game. In this window, you will see an icon of the camera recorder. Select this icon, then Next and then choose the quality of your video. When you consider that everything looks good, select Start to begin play.

Step 3: After three seconds, your screen will start recording. At all times there will be a small bubble of video floating on the that you can click to select Stop recording. When the video is stopped or closed, it is automatically saved in your phone. If you want to upload a video to YouTube, there is also an option to instantly share, call, Edit and upload on YouTube. You must keep in mind that the editing capabilities are limited, and that this application will record everything that appears on the screen of the device, so this step will take time and you must be prepared.


Mobizen Screen Recorder

Step 1: Mobizen offers HD recording very similar to the application AZ. When you download it you’ll see a small icon of a “circle of air” on the screen of your phone. Once you’ve found it, select it and then you’ll see some additional icons. Tap the record icon (the camera icon it only takes screenshots of screen) and automatically be logged in to a count of three seconds and then begin recording.

Step 2: The circle of air will remain on your screen (but will not be recorded as part of the video). Select it again and tap the pause icon to stop the video when you need it. The top button has a red button of detention when it is recorded and you can select it at any time to stop the video.

Step 3: When you decide to stop the video, automatically a popup window will appear that will allow you to review and edit your recording. While viewing, you will see an icon of edition of paper and a pencil just below the video player, which you can select to start editing your material. With these tools you can cut and divide, add BGM, etc, for the video to actually see how you want it to.


*Updated by Maria Teresa Lopes on 08 October 2019.

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