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We explain how to install a doorbell with camera Ring

It doesn’t matter that you’re not very skilled with your hands: to install a doorbell with camera Ring is easy. In fact, the Ring Video Doorbell has a process of installation simplified that any person with basic knowledge of diy you can make in less than 30 minutes. In addition, most of the tools you will need already come in the installation kit. We explain below how to install a doorbell with camera, Ring Video Doorbell.

Keep in mind that the steps are primarily focused in the Ring Video Doorbell 2, but may be valid for almost any Ring Doorbell you have.

Before you start

There are three things that you must consider before you install your new doorbell.

First, you must charge the battery of the Ring Video Doorbell: slide the silver bulb of the housing (the front plate) and slide the battery out of the doorbell; then connect the charging cable that comes with the battery to a power outlet until the light turns green on the battery housing. When charging has finished, slide it back into the ring until you hear a click, but still not put the front plate.


In the second place, disconnect the ringer of the existing door by activating the switch in the electrical box of your home. If you don’t know what switch is the correct one, turn off the master switch; this will prevent electrical shock while installing the new doorbell.

Removed the old ring

Use the screwdriver that comes in the installation kit to remove the screws and remove the ring from the wall. You should find two wires in the back of the ring and wrapped around two screws: loosen the screws and remove the wires from the ringer.

Place the Ring Video Doorwell

To install the doorbell you must use a pencil, screwdriver, installation kit, and a drill if mounting holes do not match up with the holes on the old ring (most likely not do it). Otherwise, you’ll only need the screwdriver.

If the holes do not line up, hold the Ring against the wall where you want to place and use the pencil to mark on the wall where should be the new holes for the screws. Then, use the drill to make new holes. Place plastic anchors in the holes that come with the buzzer in the holes drilled in the wall.

Then, loosen the screws on the back of the Ring, wrap the wires around the screws in the back of the device and tighten the screws.

If the cables are too short, use the extension cables from the installation kit. Slide the bottom of an extension cable and splice the one that comes out of the wall with a nut from the kit (they seem to grey end caps) and turn the nut clockwise to join the two cables. Then slide the stretchers of wire under the screws and squeeze them.

If your doorbell before was digital, you’ll need to install the diode that comes with the installation kit. The diode is like a cable with a black string in the middle. To install the diode, remove the screws of the Ring and moving through the holes in the cable; atorníllalos again in the holes before winding the cables around them.

Tip: if the buzzer Ring does not work after installation, remove the diode, flip it and re-install it. Check out the guide for more information on how to install the diode.

Fixed the doorbell to the wall using the screws with the that comes. The Ring should be four feet from the ground to work properly; if you’re installing it at a height higher, place the wedge of installation that comes with the ring behind the upper part of the unit before you screw to the wall. This will cause the ring to tilt downward just a little so that you have the optimal view.

To finish

Do you remember the front plate that you pull to charge the battery? Now you can go back to put it in its place. Use the end in star-shaped screwdriver to put the small screw from the installation kit into the hole in the bottom of the ring. This will prevent the faceplate from falling off.

Finally, turn the power on again. The ring on the front of your ringer must be on and you should be able to use the application to see what you see your new doorbell.

And what about the rest of the devices Ring?

Ring gama

What happens if you have a different model of Ring Doorbell? The good news is that if your Ring Doorbell can be installed with a connection cable, the steps are basically the same. Let’s briefly discuss the key differences between the models.

Ring Video Doorbell (2nd generation): launched in 2020, this buzzer has a built-in battery with which to recharge it you need to remove the front plate completely.

Ring Video Doorbell 2: the flagship model can be wired but it has a rechargeable battery that you can use in its place. You don’t have to cablearlo if you do not want, but neither will sound physically the timbre of your house.

Ring Video Doorbell 3: this model can connect but also has a battery “quick release”. In practice, it works just like the model Ring Video Doorbell 2.

Ring Video Doorbell Elite: Elite is an interesting exception because you can only connect to connections, Power Over Ethernet, a type of Internet connection that also supplies power.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro: this model can only be connected to the door, there is no battery option.

Ring Peephole Cam: this model only has a battery; there is no option to connect to it.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus: the design is largely the same as the Doorbell 3, so that you can connect to the network or you can use the battery.

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