We compare the Google Pixel Slate and Apple iPad Pro

If you are looking for a tablet Premium for next christmas, since as you say that the Microsoft Surface Pro 6, Google Pixel Slate and Apple iPad Pro are the three best options. The three look quite similar, “above”, but as the Google Pixel, that Slate is fresh out of the oven, I’ll dig a little more with it and compare it to the queen of the circus: the Apple iPad Pro 12.9 inches.


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The design of the tablet Premium is fairly common these days, and both the Pixel Slate like the iPad Pro are difficult to differentiate. The Google Pixel, that Slate is slim and lightweight, made with rounded corners and weighs 1.6 pounds. In the same way, the iPad Pro 12.9 it is also light in the balance: 1.57 pounds.

Both devices lack an integrated support foot and depend on the use of a cover purchased separately to stay upright. Google, however, makes the more advanced things. The cover of the keyboard in the Pixel Slate has different angles of use and backlighting, as well as a few keys rounded to remain in silence when you write.

The screens on the two devices are also similar, and both Apple and Google want you to enjoy the best viewing experience of Netflix. The 12.9-inch Apple iPad have a resolution of 2,732 x 2,048, which equates to 264 pixels per inch. The Pixel, that Slate has a resolution of 3,000 x 2,000, which translates to 293 pixels per inch in a screen of 12.3”. The Google device will be sharper, without a doubt.

There is also a difference in aspect ratio. The iPad has a ratio of 4:3, while the Slate has an aspect ratio of 3:2. In practice, this means that the iPad is a little more close to a square and looks more like the size of a sheet of paper. The aspect ratio of the Slate is a little more wide, so that the 16:9 videos will have black bars smaller to the sides.


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Under the hood, the Google Slate works with a new version focused on the feel of Chrome OS, while the iPad Pro works with iOS 12. Both operating systems are focused on the mobile, so the choice of tablet depends on the platform you’re on. Although the iOS has no support for mouse (unlike Chrome OS, you’ll find similar applications and multitasking on both platforms.

Major differences can be found in the hardware. For $800 dollars, you’ll get an iPad Pro 12.9 inch with 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, a chip A10X with 64-bit architecture and a coprocessor M10 integrated. The Pixel, that Slate starts at $599 usd, with some basic specs comparable to the iPad. At that price, and take home a device with an Intel Celeron processor, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. This is a base price cheaper, but with less storage and possibly a processor less powerful.

The Intel Celeron processor found in the Chromebooks cheaper and feels slow when performing multiple tasks and/or demanding. There are options for Intel Core i5 or i7 8th generation fastest on the Google Pixel Slate, but that makes his price higher than $899 dollars.

Keep in mind that both devices can be purchased with a Pen optional. Apple sells it at $99 dollars, just like Google. Taking into account the specifications, there are not many differences between both of them, and they work quite well.


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When considering the portability of the Google Pixel Slate and the iPad Pro 2.9 inches, you should take into account the measures. The iPad Pro measures 12 x 8.66 x 0.27 inches, and the Pixel Slate 11.45 inches x 7.95 inches x 0.27 inches. Both are really light and portable, but we believe that the shorter length of the Google Pixel makes it easier to store when traveling. Unfortunately, both are difficult to hold between the hands.

In terms of the duration of the battery, Google promises up to 12 hours with mixed use in the Pixel Slate. In our tests, we had up to 10 hours on the iPad, which is still good. iOS is also known for its excellent savings in wait time: uses little battery when it is not actively used. We still don’t know how will be the waiting time of the Slate, but the devices with Chrome operating system generally do not handle the standby mode as well as an iPad.

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In terms of connectivity while traveling, the Pixel Slate seems to be here the winner. Not counting the trick headset, Apple includes only a port-of-lighting patented. You will need a dongle to connect your USB accessories or compatible printers. However, Google includes two USB-C to load the display output to 4K and a faster data transfer. There is a headphone jack in the Pixel Slate, although there are dual speakers for better surround sound. You will need a dongle or a Bluetooth headset with the Slate.

But an iPad is still an iPad

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In spite of everything, it is still better to choose the iPad Pro. The Pixel Slate of Google can look elegant and have new features of the operating system, but for $599 dollars, the specifications seem to be somewhat disappointing for those looking for a tablet powerful without getting in the red. Taking into account that Google has not released a new tablet with Android in a long time, probably it is better to invest the extra money on the iPad of 12.9 inches with the certainty that it will be something that will last.

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