We collect the best games for the NES of all time

The success of the NES Classic Edition has shown that the love for the console classic Nintendo is still alive and in good health. Even though the emulator official pre-packaged with 30 games (or more, if you are willing to get in the territory and is not at all legal, and download some ROM) is a device clean, something better than the original. And whether you have a tucked away in a closet or simply you’ve found some on eBay, we tell you what they are right now, the best games for NES that you can find.

Vice: Project Doom
mejore juegos nes vice project doom screen 2 720x720

Vice: Project Doom was a success when it debuted for the first time in ’91, although no one ever really understood why. The story was original and intriguing, focusing on a detective and his research on a corporation alien secret and a food substance illuminated by the light as a highly addictive drug on the black market. It was a game multigénero, which showed elements of platforms like Ninja Gaiden and segments that were reminiscent of Spy Hunter, with elements of shooting in first person that is percolated through grenades sticky .44 Magnum and M-24. In addition, it is adorned with all the facets of the standard, as an indicator of health and a limited number of lives, while it has 11 levels of weaponry, a futuristic and scenes of cinematic style.

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There is No denying that the ‘80s were a decade of action movies filled with steroid (Sylvester Stallone in Rambo, Arnold Schwarzenegger in… any of his films). The action heroes they used machine guns and immense biceps to blow up things, and like the big hits mentioned above, the robust title of Konami enjoyed a sea of high testosterone and ammunition. In reality, there was no real strategy in Against, apart from keeping pressed the button “shoot” and run around like a madman, added to its difficulty, brutal, made the game co-op to be worshipped both for the amateur as for the professional players. In addition, the game popularized the now famous code of Konami, that gives the players 30 lives to spend in their mad race for the victory.

mejore juegos nes jackal screen 3 720x720

Released in the united States three years after Rambo: First Blood Part, Jackal was also on the rescue and recovery of prisoners of war. However, while Stallone was confident in the barrage of explosive arrows and a pack of six socks, Jackal trusted in a Jeep equipped with a rocket launcher and a heavy machine gun. Like most of the games run and shoot, players would lose and gain lives, and faced a lot of battles to rescue their comrades. Yes, unlike Rambo, the players were much more productive, with team mates that could lend a hand at certain times.

Castlevania II: Simon”s Quest
mejores videojuegos para NES

Castlevania II: Simon”s Quest is based on the adventure game Castlevania with elements of role-playing (RPG).

Many of the elements needed to finish the game are hidden in places extremely esoteric, which requires the player to decipher the clues given by NPCs. Simon”s Quest has developed a reputation as a notorious difficulty, being almost impossible to complete without a guide.

And although Simon”s Quest may not be the game more fun or better designed for the NES console, the truth is that introduced RPG elements that became a staple of the franchise and also one of the first video games to include a day / night cycles, in which the game became significantly more difficult during the night.

Metal Gear

The first adventure of Solid Snake, although very primitive in comparison with the effects more extravagant in recent years, it still shows some of the moves of the franchise.

It is a mission of poaching. Snake must infiltrate in a enemy facility, using a cover to avoid the enemies as best you can. So, if Snake is seen by a guard, all the guards in the area will surround you.

However, it is not too difficult to divert them from the path. For fans of the series Metal Gear Solid, play Metal Gear original, it’s fascinating to see what parts you have endured through the ages, and what parts have evolved.

Life Force

After the successful shooting of Gradius, we conducted a spin-off called Salamander. Renowned as a Life Force later, the shooter places players in the cockpit of the Vic Viper, this time allowing their friends to follow you everywhere throughout a space ship called the Lord British. Not be away much of the original, but introduced a leveling system simplified and levels that move between the perspectives of horizontal and vertical scrolling.

Kung Fu

Fun repetitive and simplistic, Kung Fu is very similar to Duck Hunt. The title began as a Kung Fu Master and then came to a number of consoles like the NES after the revolution of 8-bit, dropping the “Master” of the title in the process. With only five stages of side-scrolling, a player could hit and end the game in a matter of minutes, and once done, I would start new on a difficulty level higher.
But, above all, Kung Fu represents one of the first games of the beat-’em-up on consoles.

Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword Of Chaos

A year after the events of Ninja Gaiden, the second installment of the series focused on the search for Ryu to thwart the evil emperor Ashtar and his plans for world domination.

Offering enhanced visual of 8 bits and a control scheme more strict, and the ability to climb walls in addition to simply skip over them. Thus, the new skills, along with the continued approach of the developer in the music and in the visual, make this sequel will be as captivating as the original.

Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus was developed and launched along with Metroid, and while the latter provoked a plethora of great sequels, Kid Icarus and fell silently into the category of cult classic.

The truth is that not helped that most of the floating platforms were incredibly narrow and difficult to navigate even without the facet-scrolling full.

However, the latest entry of the series, Kid Icarus Uprising, it has modernized the mechanics introduced in the original to 3DS.

Duck Hunt

Almost no one went out and bought Duck Hunt (just like that almost no one saw Duck Hunt: The Movie). However, it managed to find its way into the homes of the people thanks to the fact that it was packed with Super Mario Bros.

The pure style of Angry Birds, the game requires players to draw a certain number of ducks in a single round in order to move forward. The title was famous for being one of the first – and only – game in use the gun from the light to the NES Zapper. Frankly it was quite repetitive and pointless, but nevertheless, that makes you shoot 10 targets in a single round is easier.

Vice: Project Doom

Vice: Project Doom was a success when it debuted for the first time in 91, but really for no reason at all. The story was original and intriguing, focusing on a detective and his investigation of a corporation alien secret and a food substance such as a highly addictive drug on the black market.

The game was a multi-genre, displaying elements of platforms like Ninja Gaiden and segments of pipeline that are reminiscent of Spy Hunter, with elements of shooting in first person. In addition, it is embellished with all the facets of the standard that players expected, as a meter of health and a limited number of lives, at the same time that it has 11 levels of weaponry, a futuristic and cinematic scenes.

A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia

This classic 1989 combines elements of platform and puzzle. A Boy and His Blob continues to this curious couple in their quest to save the home world of the Blob, Blobolonia, from an evil dictator.

On his way, the child gathers food to feed his mate and thus change its form respective in something more appropriate depending on the situation or the environment. For example, sometimes Blob can be converted into a ladder, an umbrella or a bridge.

Adventure Island II

The truth is that the original game Adventure Island seemed to Wonder Boy for Sega. And although the sequel changed things up a bit, the truth is that this game is a classic whose main premise is that of the “boy saves the girlfriend of a bad guy.”

Batman: The Video Game

As I would say later Kevin Smith, the Bat-Signal was everywhere in the late 80’s, since the release of the movie Batman de Tim Barton in 1989.
Well, was the release of a video game. In Batman: The Video Game, the superhero you could jump to the Ryu in Ninja Gaiden along the five stages of the game, and even switch between a lot of unique weapons of projectiles, including the weapon of the spear of bat, the dagger, and the legendary batarang.

Facing the Joker and other villains of Gotham, and although exhibiting notable changes in the history of the film on which it was based, remains critically praised up to the present day.

Tecmo Super Bowl

Tecmo Super Bowl was the sequel of 1991’s Tecmo Bowl that was released in 1989.

The NFL became the Tecmo Super Bowl in the first game of the NES console that features teams and players licensed from the NFL.

The players could use the then full league of 28 teams and play with the full schedule of the regular season for the 91.

Incorporated statistics of players and complex game, becoming an ancestor of the games hyper of EA today. These features, combined with the ability to play as Joe Montana and Bo Jackson, making it one of the best sports games of the NES.


DuckTales is a game from Capcom , 1989 based on the series of animated television with the same name.

Developed in the scaffolds of Mega Man, the title of success remains to Scrooge in their never-ending search to find treasures around the world.

The non-linear gameplay, the strict controls and the vibrant animations made the game platforms look good, and even though it was something peculiar, there were a few moments, finest in the NES that are found while using the cane of Scrooge.

Mega Man

Although damn, the Mega Man original managed to overcome several challenges and established himself as one of the franchises most beloved in the history of the video game in spite of bad sales.

The title of Capcom offered a game non-linear, allowing players to select their six levels in the order you wish, with each level culminating in a battle against a Master of Robots. Each chief give up his weapon after the defeat.

Mega Man could then go through other levels or replay the same level. However, it is possible that you don’t want to go back to play the game due to its difficulty, absurdly difficult. But if you want to punish yourself again, take a look at the Collection Mega Man Legacy.


While some franchises for the NES console are still alive today, many others are not.

For this reason, the pages of history and the shelves of the shops of old games are full of franchises that do not succeed.

This is the case of StarTropics, a role-playing adventure (RPG) in the style of the game, much more famous, The Legend of Zelda.

StarTropics took the basic elements of the gameplay of Zelda and relocated to a tropical island, where the protagonist uses his trusty yo-yo to fight against the wildlife hazard.

Modern players may need a FAQ to complete it: the solution to one of the puzzles of the game was hidden in a piece of paper that came with the physical copies of the game.

Little Nemo: The Dream Master

The days of the NES, the hardware limitations and the general youth of the industry meant a parity much more in terms of the quality of the releases.

While today the chasm between the games of AAA and smaller start-ups is astronomical, in those days, in the 80’s, even a weird play based on a cartoon that no one can remember could be next to the heavy hitters of Nintendo.

Such was the case of Little Nemo: The Dream Master, a release that is late for Capcom was Mega Man , and it seemed to Alice in Wonderland.

The players controlled the protagonist Nemo, exploring a series of levels to 2-D in search of the keys needed to progress in the game. So, Nemo was in its way a great variety of animals in each level, each of which had its own special abilities: the mole, for example, allowed Nemo to dig through the soil to access the hidden areas. It is the type of project, strange that is not likely to see on consoles today.


Without a doubt, Gradius is a game focused on decisions. In this adventure you will have to choose between becoming a figure of defense for your ship, the Vic Viper transdimensional, it can withstand the beatings of enemy ships and meteors, or rely on fire power and thrusters are superior, to attack the aliens.

The ignition system gave Gradius charm exciting, as it allows the Vic Viper transform of a nave, simple and with many weaknesses, to an elegant beast. The game focuses on attacking the areas located in some place within the structure of the enemy ship. Although you do not have an elaborate plot (as in the other games) is an entertaining adventure.

Blaster Master

Blaster Master is like a version unordered Alice in Wonderland, without the caterpillar and the huge cat. This game of run-and-shoot is centered on a boy who follows his frog Fred in his backyard, and it ends up leading to a pit, which has an underground maze of mutant radioactive and hazardous objects.

As was expected, the child also finds an enormous armored tank, nicknamed SOPHIA, which is then used to navigate through chasms of side-scrolling and shoot the enemies in the way of eight vertical levels of chaos. This classic NES combines the side-scrolling, the game of top-down and a hell of error to defeat four of the game’s characters.

Dragon Warrior

Final Fantasy may be the best role-playing game of the moment, but we can’t deny that Dragon Warrior (aka Dragon Quest) was the pioneer.

Dragon Warrior was released in the late 80’s, when virtually nobody in the united States they liked role-playing games, but its manufacturer took a risk in showing this adventure of updates and enhancements, focusing on a character tasked with saving the kingdom of Alefgard of the old Dragonlord.

The combat that I appreciated in this game was turn based and on a leveling system robust, which required a lot of patience on the part of the players.

Although it was not as popular as it is now Final Fantasy, marked one present for role-playing games and caught the attention of many, as it was offered as a free gift to subscribers of Nintendo Power.

Ninja Gaiden

Since its inception, the series Ninja Gaiden has been known for offering some of the most difficult games of control that exist. In this adventure, we see Ryu Hayabusa, who is fully prepared to attack the evil Nostradamus and his followers, no matter what the difficulty, carrying throwing stars and the family Dragon Sword throughout the urban environments of the game.

In addition, in this story, players can hone all the skills of the ninjas, as in, flying by the neck, jump on the wall, and use objects, environmental as accessories. Ninja Gaiden was not only difficult to play, but that was also cinematic, since that was the first narrative-driven scenes of any console in existence.

Ghosts ‘N Goblins

When a game is so full of ghouls, ghosts and goblins as Ghosts N ‘Goblins, it should be no surprise that the players have the fear to begin. This story was quite difficult, as any of the terrifying enemies could deprive Arthur of his armor and left him in underwear.

Worst of all is that if you are again hurt by one of the enemies, the game sends you at the beginning of the novel, or if you had luck, in the middle of this. In case outside little, all the players are played to play the entire game two times, before actually surpass can you believe it?

River City Ransom

River City Ransom was a bit like a combination of Super Mario Bros , and West Side Story. In this game saw two protagonists of the high school that looked very much like Mario and Luigi, if you had been born on the wrong side of the Mushroom Kingdom.

These well-known characters such as Alex and Ryan, they embarked on a mission to rescue the girlfriend of Ryan, Cyndi, while attacking the nine-banded as Double Dragon in the open world non-linear game.

On the way, players were acquiring new fighting techniques, such as Grand Slam and Stone Hands, and a system of passwords ensured that the stats, skills, possessions and money of the characters remain intact.

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