We already know when will be announced the prices and games for Google Stay

Revisamos las características de Google Stadia vs. Nvidia GeForce Now

Google has taken a strong leap to the video game industry with the revelation of Google’s Stay, a gaming platform in the cloud. If you have been revealed gradually some technical details that show how it will work, it is true that it has not been given to know much about the most important part of a gaming platform: the games!.

However, this could be about to change. Google is giving some clues that suggest that, in just a couple of weeks we might hear announcements of games that will be available. In addition, we will announce the disclosure of the pricing and more details for the launch, which would come at the end of this year.

The social media team Google Stay awakened expectation in its official Twitter account, saying that curious consumers will see three of your wishes fulfilled this summer.

There is not a specific date or additional information beyond that, and it seems strange not to mentioned the game conference E3 2019, if that were the time in which the company plans to disclose more information.

Not having a presence in one of the most important exhibitions of games in the year of launch would be a great missed opportunity, because there are not many other options of such magnitude to present content to Stay, unless you are planning to organise an event specifically dedicated to this purpose.

Stay is a new option bold of Google, which wants to gain the attention of fans of video games and, if it works as suggested by the development team, will be a great first step towards the next generation games. However, until now there are more questions than answers, while Microsoft and Sony are also taking steps to address the part of the industry that Stay want to aim.

Whatever happens, we hope that the details revealed this summer to give answer to the questions that have been circulating. Will there be a monthly subscription fee to Stay, or players will have to buy games on the platform? Is there any developer important that you are working on the creation of exclusive content to Stay? Will you be offering exclusive games of high popularity? When the company of more details at some point this summer, we will keep you informed.

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