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Waze redesign your application by adding more colors

The navigation application on roads, Waze has been updated and added on its interface, brighter colors, and some changes in your icons.

As reported by Mashable, from the logo to other aspects of the platform have been renovated, giving a new look that seeks to provide better options to the users of the program.

In regards to the icons, the majority are still there, but all the blobs on wheels have received a design change in a company’s effort to “make them more expressive”.

From now on the people will be able to choose more than 30 different “moods” to choose from, where you can find from the happy face to show anger, to add it in some place of the road.

Waze rediseña su aplicación agregando más colores

It is believed that in future updates will be added more states of mind, so that users have a high amount of options when you want to express some context along the route.

On the other hand, have added many colors such as blue, yellow, mint green, purple, and red throughout the various menus of the application, in addition to other options within the program.

The update is already being sent around the world, but as always happens in these situations, the improvement is implemented gradually in the different parts of the globe.

The developers have decided to add more colors in the program to create an “ecosystem-friendly” to users, day-to-day use this program whether you are moving or working in any transport service.

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