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Warning serious in the United Kingdom: switch Off the microwave

More than 8,000 people diagnosed and 465 dead is what leads up to the 25th of march, the Uk in figures on the coronavirus, a global pandemic that has forced the british prime minister Boris Johnson to take more extreme measures of quarantine.

And just before this restriction is mandatory that millions of englishmen have due to work and entertain at home, saturating the digital connections.

That’s why the regulator means the uk, Ofcom, carried out a so-called very seriously to all users: please turn off the microwave so that the signal of WiFi will have the power necessary to act in a good way.

So, for any reason, make video calls with the grandmother for her recipes in the kitchen or watch tutorials on Youtube nor read practical tips for healthy meal.


But not only is microwave are harmful to the WiFi signals within the house, also the recommendation goes according to emphasize Ofcom for cordless phones, baby monitors, halogen lamps, dimmers, sound equipment and speakers, computers, and tvs and monitors.

“Therefore, we encourage people to read our tips on how to make the most of your broadband, phones and mobile phones, and share them with friends, family and colleagues, to help them stay connected as well,” said the executive director of Ofcom, Melanie Dawes.

According to one of the largest operators in all over the Uk, Virgin Media, noted that the mobile traffic, especially in the evening, increased at a close range to 94% and calls for fixed telephony grew by 2.5 million calls per hour.

In relation to the amount of data sent, Virgin said that it increased by 95%, especially during the mornings.

Other tips from the Ofcom are the following:

  • Use your fixed phone calls or wifi if you can: in The same way, you can make voice calls over the Internet using applications such as Facetime, Skype or WhatsApp.
  • Decreases the demands of your connection: The devices such as tablets and smart phones often work in the background, so try to turn off the wifi receiver when not in use. Download videos in advance, instead of transmitting them, can also help.
  • Try with cable instead of wireless.
  • Plug your router directly into the socket of your main telephone: Whenever possible, try not to use an extension cord telephone, as they can cause interference that could reduce your speed. If you have to use an extension cord, use a new cable high quality with the shortest possible length.
  • Test the speed on your broadband line.
  • Get advice from your broadband provider.

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