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US creates National Office of Artificial Intelligence

The United States Government authorized the creation of the Office of the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative, a government body that will be in charge of coordinating and overseeing national artificial intelligence policy.

"The office is in charge of overseeing and implementing the United States' national artificial intelligence strategy and will serve as the center for coordination and collaboration in research and public policy creation between government, private sector, academia and other actors," he said. the White House in a statement .

The creation of the body is practically the last administrative act of President Donald Trump, who faces a second impeachment trial for inciting the insurrection on January 6, when Congress was in session to ratify the triumph of President-elect Joe Biden.

Along with the announcement of the creation of the Office of the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative, the White House displayed its logo, made up of a bald eagle that supports the nodes of a neural network.

The United States creates the Office of the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative

"The eagle emerges from the neural network to represent the power and potential of artificial intelligence to convert data into knowledge, technological advances and new capabilities," the White House statement said.

At the bottom of the logo there are seven stars that symbolize the creation of the office in the seventh decade of artificial intelligence. In the center there is a representation of the United States flag, to show the White House “the commitment to the leadership of the United States in artificial intelligence and the importance of the national approach to research, development and implementation of technology” .

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