Trump opens an account on Twitch, owned by Amazon, for your re-election

gobierno chino prohibe twitch

In politics there are no friends and, apparently, not enemies. That is what has due think Donald Trump. In an attempt to pursue his re-election, the president has not hesitated to open an account on Twitch, the platform property of Jeff Bezos, his archenemy.

The platform Twitch is owned by Amazon and the current president of the united States had, at the close of this note, with just over 46 thousand followers, but we assume that this will change in little time.

But why would you want Donald Trump an account on Twitch? Do not think that is to take a game Fortnite and re-transmit it, or to broadcast rallies live. The candidate wants to use this platform to announce the meetings with their supporters. We do not know very well what he / she will say Jeff Bezos of this decision, but what is certain is that the terms of use of the service nor preclude tacitly the use of Twitch for political purposes.

On the other hand, Trump would not be the first politician to use this platform with this goal. Bernie Sanders takes quite a long time to do so. What draws the attention of this twist is that the own Trump takes time breaking in criticism of Jeff Bezos. As you recall from The Verge, the entrepreneur was the object of their anger to the Washington Post, a newspaper of your property, which has been quite critical at all times with the ruler.

In fact, in 2016, Trump had no qualms —before being appointed to the command of the White House— who if elected would “have problems”, in a clear threat to Bezos and their corporations.

Well: he arrived at the first magistracy, and, far from being in dire straits, has partnered with one of the most successful products of the conglomerate of Bezos.

However, the politician did not confine their anger to the criticism of the Post: accused Amazon of dodging the payment of taxes by the pressures of the politicians and rulers using the newspaper’s editorial line, that is to say, that the Washington Post was the enforcement arm of Jeff Bezos.

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