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Train will not be the same with the new Apple iphone

In an application that will guide you with videos to work out optimally as I would be working with Apple, which could come to the iPhone, the watch Apple Watch and Apple TV.

“The application, whose code name is ‘Seymour’, could be called Fit, or Fitness for launch,” reported MacRumors.

The site added that the plan of the firm of Cupertino would be releasing the new feature in iOS 14, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14, and that would be a stand-alone application, which is complementary to the already well-known Activity.

“With the implementation of exercises, users can download videos of exercises that cover a variety of different options and training activities, obtaining guidance for completing these activities in the Apple Watch,” said MacRumors.

The idea would be to provide its users a catalogue of various training routines that you can download and sync with the Apple Watch, and that videos can be played through an iPhone, an iPad or Apple TV.

According contributed to CNBC, which cited an anonymous source not authorized to disclose this development, it is a creation of Jay Blahnik, fitness instructor and author who joined the company in 2013.

So, with the Apple Watch could follow the progress after each exercise routine, in a similar way to how the Apple Watch tracks currently physical activities through the application Activity.

For the same medium, “Apple seems that it will provide the training through their app free of charge, there is no longer time in-app purchases or costs associated with the content.”

Among other activities, the app that can quit the development of it is ‘Seymour’ would include running, indoor cycling, rowing, stretching, training, core, strength training, walking outdoors, dancing and yoga.

According to CNBC, “the application would be attractive to people who do not know how to exercise, or who want to do exercise when you are away from the gym, as in a hotel room during a business trip”.

“While Apple seems to be working on these features for the next updates of software, expected in the autumn (boreal), (although) there is no guarantee that it reaches the final versions of iOS 14, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14,” he said.

However, CNBC went further, announcing the app with the iOS 14, and the next version of the software Apple Watch: “Apple usually announces new updates for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch in June before releasing to all devices in September.”

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