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Tired of paying in a hotel for longer than necessary? You know the app ByHours

App ByHours

If you’re thinking of taking a trip for business or a quick getaway for any other reason, perhaps you’ve asked yourself the question: why do I have to pay for a whole day in a hotel if you just spend there a few hours? Well, if this is your problem or your doubt… You’ll be pleased to know the app ByHours, led by Guillermo Gaspart, and Christian Rodriguez.

It is a service that, while you can think that is similar to others that you have already used, has certain peculiarities that you need to know.

In this case, you choose the time of check-in and check-out, pay for the hours that you will be staying in the hotel and go to use their facilities and this is not a search offers low cost, but good hotels paying what is fair.

 How does it work?

The app ByHours works like any other app, but under the concept of “microestancias”. That is to say, whether you have a phone with Android, like iOS, you’ll need to go to your respective App Store, search the app, download it and start using it.

You can choose to create a profile and take advantage of certain offers or advantages custom or just get spears to perform a search. It is then when you select what day you are interested in, how many hours -in packages of 3, 6 and 12 hours – and in what city of Europe, Latin america or the Middle East.

Yes, you will see quickly that the results of your search adhere to a type of hotels in particular. That is to say, in ByHours only you can find hotels of three, four or five-star hotel to guarantee a certain level of quality and comfort.

“Our customer profile is a person who works and that is digital, that is to say, you need to be connected. It is a client business that is old or a customer who wants to enjoy the services of the hotel”, explains to Digital Trends in Spanish, Rosa Gonzalez, communications director of ByHours.

So, this app works as a companion product to the hotel, in order that both the client and the landlord better off.

To break through in the US

For the moment, the network is available in ByHours exceeds 3,000 hotels, out of which more than a hundred are located in Barcelona, the site of this company.

 But, even ByHours already has a strong network of hotels, the idea is that the figure continues to increase. Therefore, the next step that you want to give this start-up is to enter the u.s. market in the coming months, putting the focus on hotels close to major airports, as well as in the centres of large cities. And, to do this, recently the team of ByHours has opened a new office in Mexico City.

Although, for now, such as stresses González, the main and strongest markets with high demand – for ByHours are: Spain, Germany and Italy, in Europe, and Colombia, in Latin america.


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