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Thousands of people receive “texts” ghost sent on Valentine’s day

borrar mensajes enviados en messenger text messages surprise
Many like the surprise of receiving a text message on Valentine’s Day for any special person who expresses love or romantic interest. But if that message comes several months after it was originally sent, could not only cause confusion, but even some problems, especially if people are already involved in a new loving relationship.

That is precisely what is happening to thousands of users of iPhone and Android phones. For some reason that is still unknown, a multitude of people received “texts ghost” that appear to have been originally sent on or around Valentine’s Day 2019 is celebrated on the 14th of February. Interestingly, in the majority of cases, these messages never arrived when they were originally sent, and the people that were sent had no idea that they had not been received, nor that they had now been forwarded months later.

The problem seems not to have been related to a particular company, as delayed messages came through all the major carriers in the united States. Many of the complaints involving T-Mobile or Sprint, though it has also been mentioned to AT&T and Verizon. Even users of messaging through Google Voice also seem to have experienced this situation, as well as US Cellular.

According to some reports, this situation could have been caused by a fault in an update of a messaging system between operators. The problem could also be related to the initiative of messaging Cross-Carrier Messaging Initiative, which will begin to be implemented soon and supposedly will improve the sending of photos and videos in the messages group. The system was developed by the four major us carriers.

There are conflicting reports as to whether the texts are sent for a second time or if you never got to the recipient originally. According to The Verge, some users indicate that they never received the texts in the first place, however, other people said that the messages are duplicates that had already been received on the 14th of February.

In general terms, if you received a message, romantic someone that was part of your past, there is little reason to worry about piracy or a problem of privacy of any kind, beyond the fact that operators can store your messages longer than you want. What could be troubling or embarrassing is that someone told you that, allegedly, it was you who sent one. With luck, the problem has been resolved and you will not receive -or send – any message in the future.

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