This would be the price of the PS5: Sony strives not to raise the cost

For the christmas of 2020 it is expected that the Playstation 5 will finally be on sale and by now one of the things that are of most concern to Sony is the price that will have the device.

Information provided by Bloomberg, indicates that the japanese company is trying to balance the production costs of the console, versus deliver an affordable price to the users.

Above all, what we want to Sony is to have a battle of fair prices with Microsoft and Xbox, so expect that the PS5 skirt the $450 and, more specifically, the analysts are inclined for $470 dollars.

The analyst of Macquarie Capital Damian Thong, referred to the possibility that the console has that price.

“Consumers will compare their expectations in function of the PS4 Pro and the PS4. If the prices of Sony exceed that, it will likely be to balance the need to compensate for the higher cost of the materials, against the risk of the demand.”

For Bloomberg, the biggest headache for Sony in the collection of parts for the PS5 has to do with the memories flash DRAM and NAND, which today are being highly requested by companies manufacturers of mobile phones by the need to adapt the phones to 5G, as Samsung and the new line S20.

The chief financial officer of Sony, Hiroki Totoki, at a conference of profits of the company at the beginning of February, commented that, “we must keep the list of materials of PlayStation 5 under our control and we need to make the correct amount of units in the initial production”.

Another variant to know the price of the PS5, it will depend on the competition, says the report.

“The people within the business unit of PlayStation said that a key factor in the decision of the last PlayStation 5 sale price will be the one that Microsoft fixed its price for the next generation of the Xbox Series X . It is expected that Microsoft will retain that information until the exhibition games E3 in Los Angeles in June”.

For now, reports indicate that the outbreak of coronavirus in China and Asia will not affect the production of Playstation consoles 5.

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