This would be the price of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X

Little mystery left to Sony and Microsoft about their new consoles: the PS5 and the Xbox Series X , respectively. Both will go full time to compete in the last months of this 2020.

With much of the design and the characteristics of both advanced by their companies, the big question on all gamers is for the price that they will have when they hit the market.

Various analysts of video games on social networks have already given you clues, and here are some:

  • The Twitter user @IronManPS5, said in his account that the PS5 will cost $499 in the united States. And in Europe it will be more expensive to change to: $499 euros. (About $560 dollars).
  • In respect of the other accessories: a driver DualSense extra will have a price of $60, the charging station DualSense Charging Station you can get it for $30, the headphones Press Wireless 3D Headset for the PlayStation 5 will cost $159 dollars, the remote control Media Remote for PlayStation 5 will cost $30 and the camera HC Camera for PlayStation 5 will cost $60 dollars.
  • In both the Xbox Series X may start with a price of $399, as indicated in the forum Beyond 3D.
  • On the other hand, Lockhart, that would be this Xbox Series, X without optical disc, and that would be the cheaper version, would enter the market with an average price of $200 dollars.

Vista parcial de una consola XBox y control blanco para aprender cómo transmitir en Twitch

Anyway, it should be noted that usually the price is the last thing that these big brands reveal, since that is your “workhorse” to excite potential buyers and you can always have last-minute changes. The PS5 by now you will have the advantage, because it premiered later, in December versus October of the Microsoft.

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