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This modern robot uses solar energy to clean swimming pools

Cleaning robots are no longer devices intended only for the interior of homes. Now they also perform with great success in patios and gardens.

A good example of this is Ariel, a robot that cleans pools and that will soon be officially presented at CES 2021 .

Imagine that on a hot day you really want to jump into the pool. However, when you are about to do it you realize that the water is dirty, full of insects, leaves and pollen.

The urge to jump is likely to diminish quickly.

That is what Ariel, from the Pivot-Solar Breeze company, has been designed to remove up to 95 percent of the dirt from swimming pools, eliminating dust, leaves, oil stains and even hair remnants that may exist.

After it comes into operation, those who own a pool can enjoy it without the need to use nets to clean it and with the certainty that the risk of the appearance of bacteria and algae has been significantly reduced.

How does it work?

Ariel uses solar energy to work. Its panels absorb energy and store it in internal batteries to provide a range of ten hours.

It has a double paddle system that allows it to move in all directions without colliding with the edges of the pool or other objects thanks to a proximity sensor.

The waste it collects is stored in an internal compartment that has a washable filter. Dust and other particles with sizes greater than 200 microns accumulate there.

Although this is not the first robot for cleaning a pool launched by the company, it does stand out as one of the most sophisticated.

After being presented at CES 2021, Ariel will begin to be sold from March, at a price of 468 dollars.

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