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This is the new thing that arrives to Disney Plus in March 2020

If you follow the so-called pop culture, you are probably a fan of –at least– one of the many franchises that has Disney, and Disney Plus the has nearly all. From The Simpsons, Pixar, Marvel, Disney, Channel Originals, Disney+ has a lot to offer, and will be doing more grande as the new Disney Plus go adding more movies, tv series and original productions to the impressive list of titles already available.

And is that since its launch in November 2019, Disney has been incorporating titles to the service almost every week. And so you don’t miss anything, here’s the latest list of new films and programs that have come to Disney+ this month of march. (Note: the list does not include new episodes of series in progress).

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Black Panther

One of the films of superheroes in solo top-grossing Marvel, Black Panther was as much a cultural reference as a box-office success. The Grammy winner Kendrick Lamar was so struck by the first images of the film that he recorded an album for her, and many songs came to the movie. When you enter the futuristic and isolated african nation of Wakanda in the Movie Universe of Marvel, the Black Panther features a cast of predominantly african-american in a movie that puts the superpower in the world in the heart of Africa.

After killing his father, T Challa (Chadwick Boseman) is raised to the king of Wakanda, known ceremonially as the “Black Panther”. However, there is another that claims the throne: his lost cousin, Erik Killmonger, who grew up poor in Oakland, without realizing his heritage in Wakanda until adulthood. Enraged by what he sees when Wakanda gives back to people of african descent, seeks to eliminate T Challa the throne to use the resources of Wakanda and help to the african diaspora, ty step also improve the lives of black people all over the world. Their methods, however, are extremely violent and dangerous.

Caught between protecting his kingdom from the outside world and use his immense power for good, T Challa must struggle to find a balance and prevent Killmonger start a world war.

All new Disney+ this month of march

March 1,

  • Doctor Dolittle 2
  • Ice Age

March 4,

  • Black Panther

March 5,

  • Bedtime Stories

March 6,

  • The Finest Hours
  • Three on the Run

March 13,

  • Wicked Tuna (Seasons 3-8)
  • Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks (Seasons 1-6)
  • Fox: Second Series (Season 1)
  • Stargirl

March 15,

March 17,

  • Big Hero 6: The Series (Season 2)
  • Frozen 2

March 20,

  • I Didn’t Do It (Seasons 1-2)
  • Playtime with Puppy Dog Pals: Puppy Playcare (Season 2)

March 25,

  • A Wrinkle in Time

*Updated by Daniel Matus on 24 march 2020.

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