This game makes you remember all the misfortunes of 2020

The good thing about starting a new year is that we were finally able to leave behind the fateful 2020, fraught with misfortunes such as the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, earthquakes and political instability in several countries.

For this reason, an important part of the planet is determined to forget what happened in recent months and, as they say, turn the page.

However, there is another part that is not over it yet and wants to keep remembering it. The worst thing is that he wants the rest of the planet to do it too.

2020 Game is a video game created by Max Garkavyy whose sole objective seems to be to remind us of all the negative aspects of the last year, particularly its tragedies.

The image shows a scene from the 2020 Game video game.

The game deals with different tragic events and is not left alone in the health crisis. Thus, the protagonist must rescue koalas from forest fires in Australia to collect masks and rolls of toilet paper in supermarkets.

He also has to jump between floating cars and logs from the floods caused by Hurricane Sally, and dodge blocks that represent declining shares of technology companies.

"2020 Game is a browser game about the main events of 2020. The Australian fires, COVID-19, the stock market crash, the TikTok boom, the United States elections, and so on," explains its creator.

The game also offers a retro aesthetic that takes us to the most classic video games, where the character had to move laterally, jumping and dodging obstacles.

This curious bet can be played in the computer browser or on mobile devices.

You can enter this link to play, or you can continue with the, until now, quiet 2021 and pretend that 2020 never existed.

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