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This costume synthetic could make you immune to the coronavirus

Este traje sintético podría hacerte inmune al coronavirus

A suit that can protect you at every event in case of an outbreak such as the coronavirus is the extravagant proposal of the chinese architect Sun Dayong.

The conceptual design has been built from media of carbon-fibre in the shape of bat wings. By the same, was baptized to “Be Batman” (“I Know a Man Bat”).

The name responds to the superhero fictional, which many times surpasses the limits of human capabilities, and the fact that bats are one of the wild animals that could be the source of the Covid-19, pointed out the portal Dezeen.

Its creator has been argued that the ultraviolet (UV) rays that pass through the exterior walls of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) will keep your user free from all contagion.

“The cables in the plastic, in turn, is calentarían to a high enough temperature to eliminate all the pathogens, creating a sterile environment and safe for the user,” reported TechTimes.

Particularly, the team of developers led by Sun Dayong are working under the assumption that the virus perishes to 133° Fahrenheit (around 56° Celsius).

“The cover of PVC film is as the windshield of our car: there is a heating cable between the glass in order to heat the ice and snow in the winter. “But, of course, we still have to work a lot with the engineers to actual production”, said the specialized site Dezeen.

TechTimes reported that the architect, one of the co-founders of the studio Penda, is looking for a sponsor to turn this unusual conceptual model into reality and offer it free of charge to the population at risk.

While the scientists working on the vaccine against the contagion and the epidemic of coronavirus can not be controlled, the contribution seems very valuable.

“The suggestion peculiar is to turn it into a ‘mobile space private only for the people’, which is fantastic but may be too advanced for the time,” posed TechTimes.

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