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These were the innovations introduced JBL at IFA 2019

Sound in 360 degrees and light show is the offer of the new portable speaker Press 4 presented by JBL in the framework of IFA 2019, which is developed in Berlin, where it also found the wireless headphones Live 300TWS.

The portable speaker Press 4 features LED lights, high-resolution low surface area, which provide “a new dimension” to the favorite songs, noted the company, which has promised to “crisper treble and deeper bass from all angles” with your JBL Signature Sound.

The colors and effects of the device will change from the application JBL Connect. One of the most entertaining is that it takes any key previously registered with the camera of the phone itself.

The speaker accepts up to two mobile phones or tablets, while the battery life of up to 12 hours of battery life and the waterproof cover IPX7 guarantee that it can be used at any party. It is also possible to connect wirelessly more than 100 speakers, with the function PartyBoost of the same app.

“The JBL Press 4 is unique, with a cutting edge technology that offers the perfect way for our customers to express their personality and their individuality. We have introduced a light show on the speaker to raise the sound and make it shine”, said the president of Harman Lifestyle Audio, Dave Rogers.

The portable speaker JBL Press 4 will be available for reservations in white and black for €229 euros ($253 usd) from next fall.

Ambient Aware and TalkThru

The second surprise of the u.s. in IFA 2019 were the wireless headphones Live 300TWS. “Equipped with powerful drivers, you offers some serious improvement to your playlist vibrate with you”, said from the firm.

With your function, Ambient Aware, it is possible to listen to the sounds of the city, or information in an airport, while the mode TalkThru allows you to lower the volume of the music and talk with other people without removing the headphones.

“With Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa hand, you’ll get the answers directly in your ear, as are the directions to get to a concert, or the query time”, he added the subsidiary of Harman.

Among the attributes of the product, the firm highlighted up to six hours of music playback and 20 hours of combined load (six in the headphones and 14 in the charging case) and the certificate of resistance to perspiration and water IPX7. In addition, he noted that the Live 300TWS offer fit design and ergonomic, and an ability of fast charge of 10 minutes to one hour of battery life.

The Live 300TWS will be available in white, black and blue through the company’s web site from November 2019 for €149 eur ($165 dollars).

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