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These TCL TVs were designed as works of art

TCL presented its Living Window Series in Berlin, as part of the IFA 2018 technology fair. It is a line of televisions with very striking designs, which seek to attract the attention of those people who have a sophisticated eye and who prioritize aesthetics. Although we could not appreciate them directly, the graphics shown by the brand show striking and elegant devices.

Directed to those people who love culture and art, TCL offers the perfect fusion between art and technology, without leaving aside the latest advances that artificial intelligence gives us. This in the long run meets the requirements that people who love technology but who care about aesthetics.

With names such as Art Deco , Abstract Beauty , Modern Simplicity and Oriental Elegance , these new televisions aim to attract a broad segment of the population. Living Window are televisions with 4K QLED technology that have Onkyo sound and that provide superior image quality with Dolby Vision HDR, as well as excellent immersive audio, thanks to the incorporation of Dolby Atmos technology that is usually found in theaters cinema.

tcl series living window powerpoint

The Living Window can manage every part of consumers' daily lives, thanks to the integration of an artificial intelligence (AI) system that turns the television into a virtual life assistant that can coordinate everything from alarms to weather reports, alerts of traffic and personal schedules. The simple voice command allows users to easily enjoy a large amount of visual, audio and video entertainment, such as music, movies and games.

The Google assistant is shaping up to be on all TCL TVs, all based on Android TV 8.0, which we have tried and really does everything that can be done from a smartphone: search for addresses, put appointments in the calendar or just put the volume of the TV at a desired level.

Also, it comes with a gallery that offers great resources, including a library of famous Chinese, foreign, old and modern paintings, to turn the television into a piece of art that can adorn your living room or bedroom.

With all this, the Living Window series is a bet of TCL to make the television more than a piece of hardware that only provides entertainment.

The Living Window series will be available in 65 inches for the Art Deco , Abstract Beauty and Modern Simplicity models, and in 55 inches for the Oriental Elegance model.

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