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These are the best t-shirts of the Copa America 2019

In our special reports of the America’s Cup, not only the teams with best performance in soccer are the protagonists. We also like those with games, fun and of course, the selections with the best t-shirts of the Copa America 2019.

So, if the selection of your country did not pass to the quarterfinals or concerns that get to the semi-final, quiet, still could have a place among the teams with the best t-shirt are better than nothing, right?

This selection was made by the team of Digital Trends in Spanish. Check it out and tell us if you agree with us.


mejores camisetas de la copa america 2019 bolivia team shirt martathon

Bolivia is one of the selections and said goodbye to the Copa America 2019 recently, however, it does not mean that your pass for the tournament has not given to talk about. While not achievement to win any match, it is highlighted by having a t-shirt is really eye-catching.

The official shirt of the selection is green with yellow detailing on the neck and sides. In addition, account with the Federation crest on the chest and ribbed sleeves and elastic, which makes it very imposing and comfortable at the same time.

Also, your t-shirt alternative is more classical, but still be eye-catching. It is white with borders in green and yellow and the crest on the chest.


mejores camisetas de la copa america 2019 uruguay team shirt puma

Like the selection of Argentina, traditionally, on the t-shirts of Uruguay highlights the blue color of the sky, however, on this occasion, the design of your t-shirt is very special, as they pay tribute to the used t-shirts in 1987, the year in which the Chárruas lifted the Cup for the thirteenth time.

The home shirt has a V-neck with sleeves quite traditional in the uniform of this selection. The main color of this piece is light blue with details in white and gold, aside from the black and the graph of the t-shirt of Russia 2018.

For its part, the shirt of visitors inverts the colors, resulting more similar to its predecessor.


mejores camisetas de la copa america 2019 argentina home jersey adidas

Since its inception, the t-shirt of Argentina has the blue and white, as that has its national flag, hence the nickname with which is known to the squad, as the albiceleste.

Although throughout the years, the changes in uniform have been very few (in most cases they change something in the design but using the same colors), we have to admit that one of the t-shirts most striking and elegant of the America’s Cup, which is difficult to match.


mejores camisetas de la copa america 2019 japon

Japan, one of the two teams invited to this Cup, he decided to travel to Brazil with the same t-shirt that was used in the World Russia 2018. However, it has been one of the reps more successful.

In our analysis of the best t-shirts in the World Russia 2018, the t-shirt of Japan was one of our favorites, and the truth is that in this Copa America he still is.

The jersey local to Japan is inspired by the craft design japanese. The graph mimics the traditional crafts of the technique of sewing Sashiko, which is made of strands of rough white on base with dyed indigo. This t-shirt is based on a new color blue, with shades of red and white, in representation of the national flag.


mejores camisetas de la copa america 2019 qatar football shirt nike

This is the first time in Qatar, to participate in the Copa America, and despite the fact that failed to pass the quarter-final, he impressed more than a fan of football south american both by their performance, as their uniform is so elegant and eye-catching.

The t-shirt that Qatar used in the America’s Cup is the same he wore in the Cup Asia 2019. Is color Vinotinto with details in white and the shield in the chest.

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