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These are the best surveillance cameras wireless market

Do you care about what is happening at home when you’re not? Theft, the dog tearing cushions on the sofa, or the fear that the children will not return home from school to the time that should… are many situations in which a security camera gives you peace of mind when you are not at home. And is that the modern cameras have a lot of functions, like face recognition, two-way audio and raise the security of the smart home to another level. For this reason, we show below the best surveillance cameras wireless the market.

Security camera Arlo Proo II Netgear

The best

If you are looking for a wireless security camera that operates reliably in all the land, the Netgear Arlo Pro II is the one that you should consider. It offers high-definition video, super crisp, configurable up to 1280 x 720, and may transmit live from anywhere via mobile, tablet or computer. The images are clear even at night, thanks to the night vision capabilities of high quality. The camera also features motion detection that takes advantage of it to begin recording immediately each time you will activate the motion sensors, or sound.

This camera Netgear has two-way audio, which means that there is a microphone and a speaker built in to allow you to listen to and respond to someone at the other end. All recordings are automatically stored in the cloud for seven days free of charge. The system Arlo Pro II is compatible with Amazon Alexa, or the Google Assistant, and you’ll be able to view the video in real time using a simple command in voice. Also supports IFTTT, and Samsung and, unlike the EufyCam, operates on both platforms. Of course, you will have to deal with annoying cables, since, like its rivals in this list, is wireless.

Ring Stick-Up Cam

The camera easier to install

cámaras de vigilancia inalámbricas

The Stick-Up Ring you can record sequences from almost any location, but especially stands out when it comes to recordings on the outside: the foundation offers numerous mounting options to any corner, wall or fence , and offers a wide-recording (115 degrees) of images to 1080p with excellent night vision.

The application Ring is powerful with the rest of the chambers of the house, but it combines especially well with the camera Stick Up, and allows you to view and save images, view live video, get alerts, adjust sensitivity of the motion sensor, and check the battery. If you want to use the camera indoors or use a Echo Show to see live images, the camera is also compatible with voice commands to Alexa.

Speaking of the battery, you need to take out the camera and plug it in for recharging every few months, but with the support of the application, you’ll always know the status of the battery, which makes this task less cumbersome. More annoying is the requirement to pay for important functions such as viewing recorded images: prices start at $ 3 dollars a month.

Camera system for home security Blink

The camera with the simplest configuration

The security camera for the home Blink XT not only transmits high-quality video, but it is also very simple configuraren a matter of minutes. You will not have to install it near a plug or drive you crazy with cables; simply turn it on, sync it with your mobile and it will be ready to be used. You can connect to it at any time via the apps iOS or Android to check that everything is well at home.

The built-in motion sensor will alert you when you activate the detector, and the camera will immediately begin to record a clip of the event. The camera also has a lithium battery AA included, with a useful life of 2 years. Cloud storage is also completely free, with no monthly fees or subscription contract, so that you can go back and look at older images if you ever need to review something. You can create a security system for the home Blink XT with a single camera if you only want to monitor the front door, or it may include up to 10 cameras on the module Blink Sync. This camera is weatherproof, so you can put it in outdoor.

Ring Spotlight-Cam Battery

The best camera to capture the friends of others

Both the Ring Spotlight Cam as the Spotlight Cam Solar streaming video of great quality and clarity, the latter goes beyond by including a siren of 110 decibels, which can be activated if it detects suspicious activity in the home. The camera also has a motion detector built in that will activate the lights and start recording video whenever activity is detected, which helps to prevent possible thefts before they occur. Thanks to the two-way audio, you can see, hear and speak with the people in your house from the distance via mobile or tablet with iOS or Android, or laptop Mac or PC.

You can set up this camera and start using it in a few minutes, even though you’re a clumsy no solution on these things. In addition, this wireless version of the camera Ring is not required to be connected to a plug or uncomfortable wires while the Spotlight Cam Solar offers a solar panel to charge the battery with energy from the sun.

Security camera WIFI D-Link HD

The best camera with Micro SD

There are those who do not like anything what storage in the cloud, and prefer the guarantee tangible of a memory card: D-Link DCS-2630L wireless has been created with this type of user in mind. You do not have a storage solution based in the cloud, so that all the recorded images are saved on a microSD card. You can view the pictures at once inserting the SD card into your computer laptop or desktop; the quality of the recordings is high thanks to the resolution of the 720p HD video that you can view live from your mobile or computer.

The camera is equipped with integrated detectors sound and movement, so that you can schedule the application to send you notifications every time that the sensors trigger a recording. With the infrared night vision, the camera can record with sharpness at a distance of up to almost 5 meters in total darkness. While this camera is so simple is certainly an ideal option for some households, it has programming capabilities are limited, with what for many others it will be short.

Netatmo Welcome, Home security camera

The best wireless security camera with facial recognition.

camaras de vigilancia inalambricas neta

This camera independent security offers a feature that many do not: facial recognition. The house of welcome Netatmo can quickly learn to recognize the faces and the names of all the members of your family, and then the camera will create user profiles so that you can monitor the comings and goings of everyone.

This technology will enable you to know your teen arrived home from school safely, or that the dog walker was to pick “Luke” that day. The images of 1080p of the camera are also sharp, and offer a field of vision of 130 degrees to be able to see more of your home at the same time. The night vision also ensures that you will get a clear vision even when there is little or no light in the home.

While you will want to hide most of the security cameras on a high shelf or in the corner of a room, you can display this with pride, thanks to the attractive finish of aluminum and the cylindrical shape that make it look less like a camera and more into a Device eco.

The recorded videos are stored locally on a micro SD card that comes included, and also ensures all the security. In addition, you do not have storage charges monthly. Place it discreetly on any shelf, table or corner of the room without worrying about the presence of cables.

*Updated by Maria Teresa Lopes on 01 November 2019.

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